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  1. When finishing the game, the remastered version only shows the sunset picture; the credits are not displayed. At the end, the LucasArts logo appears normally. The final bunny animation is shown correctly. When switching to Classic version, the credits of the classic version are shown correctly. When running "Credits" from the menu, they are displayed correctly (on black background). Tried restarting the game, starting a new game, jumping to End Credits by Shift + W. Same result.
  2. There is a bug when playing FT in German in the Classic mode. The options for the player's dialog lines are often longer than the visible screen due to the nature of the German language. In the classic DOS version, the game was actually modified to scroll the text lines when moving the mouse cursor over the right side of a too long text line. However, this seems not have been done for the Remastered version. So you actually cannot read the end of the sentence. Dunno if any of the other language versions are affected by it, too.
  3. I have opened a thread in the Bugs section in order to give attention to the bug. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16581/
  4. Heya there, I already had this discussion on the Telltale Games forums. Somehow I think there might be interest in it here: What classic LucasArts (or Telltale) goodies do you own and is there a personal story behind them? I think I'll just start: Grim Fandango Just as the demo came out, I knew I want this game bad. As it was way before online webshops, I had to go to a store in Cologne, Germany which imported English versions of games and got my copy there. However, after I played this through, I got a German dubbed copy from a friend, and liked it as much as the original. So I went and got myself a German copy as well. Here are the pictures of the German packaging I took. Note that the German cd case was a simple Dual jewel case, not the cardboard packaging like the US version: But there is more to it. Right at the time, the German LucasArts distributor from the old days, Softgold, made an online lottery with a chance to win some prizes - you had to write a poem about the Grim Fandango world. And in fact, I did win one of them. In fact, there were many of them: - Poster of Grim Fandango (German language) - sadly, I don't think I still have it. It was a poster of the cover packshot. - T-Shirt. In fact, I still have one of these, or even two. Even though they are both quite worn out, I still wear them. - Demo/Trailer CD. This was some surprise for me, as the demo CD not only contained the German GF demo, but also a trailer for the game - entirely in German! In fact, it was not until recently that I found this CD and managed to recode the trailer for the common viewing. So if you ever wondered why everybody likes the German localization of Grim Fandango, you can find out why. The German voices are just superb, and Manny Calavera is voiced by Tommy Piper, the German voice of Alf. This German trailer has become very rare since, so I was really glad I could find it. Here's the video: The packaging of the demo was however quite standard - a cardboard box: Last but not least, the gift package from Softgold included this little treasure: The Original Soundtrack. It was not until recently that I found out that this has become so extremely rare that it's worth over $100 on eBay (or here, $169 at Amazon). However, I'll never sell it.
  5. I seem to have seen the hi-res Sproutella logo on some additional material of the original game - either the box packaging or the instruction manual. I think it's actually the spine of the cardboard box.
  6. The Axe on floor tiles puzzle. I remembered how to trigger the sprinkler water flow, but strangely, using the axe on the correct tile did nothing. I had to look up in the walkthru, if I have forgotten anything. It did not help. Strangely, once I used the axe on a tile NEXT to the correct one, the correct tile opened up.
  7. Yes. In the game itself, these were the only localized texts in the cutscenes. The old (which I have discovered on an old rare demo CD) had many more translated inscriptions:
  8. I expect of the project to entirely keep the existing usage of iMuse, including fading in/out of different instruments of the themes (most notable in the cellar of Red Edison, where the character of the music changes once you start talking to him).
  9. As far as I have heard, the German version didn't keep the translated text inserts in the cutscenes ("Ein Jahr sp├Ąter") and is using the original ones ("One Year Later"). Is that true?
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