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  1. Thanks a lot for the help Bert . Having a quest that's just 50/50 as to whether you can complete it or not doesn't seem intentional, what are the chances of this being patched in the future? It's a pretty big deal for completionists and I've already seen people say they were going to buy CQ2 but didn't because of this, which is a shame because it's such a fun game.
  2. I've already defeated Kronoculus and all of the warehouse Crestwailers, and unfortunately they do not respawn. Does that mean that there is now no longer a way for me to finish the quest without starting again and hoping that they drop one next time?
  3. I've heard that you're supposed to get one from the mole in the dental area and the other from the second boss fight with Kronoculus is that correct? I'm not sure which one didn't give me the card as I wasn't looking for it at the time, but I did defeat the mole by using the Rice Creepies card making him kill himself when he attacked me, so maybe that triggered him not to give me the reward for defeating him?
  4. So there's a problem going around that a fair few people have encountered (including myself) where it may be impossible to finish the Smoochies card quest. I've defeated every enemy in the game and have spent a few hours after completing the game killing the infinitely spawning enemies in the dental area, but still don't have a second Smoochies card. I just wanted to know whether Double Fine were aware of this and whether it's something that will ever get sorted out as it's stopping me from obtaining my last 3 achievements in the game. I'm playing the Xbox one version of the game if that helps.
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