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  1. Oh, but you should still play it! It was a let down for me, but it still feels awesome to revisit the game. Appart from that, there were really no changes at all.
  2. I'm surprised I didn't find any discussion trend about this... But here is one thing that really disappointed me in the Remastered Version: that I wasn't able to turn off the metaphoric arrows that will show up at certain interactions in the game. Sorry for being such a purist, but... I just think Tim's original intention of making the gameplay fully "literal" worked so well in terms of story immersion. Since I was playing with the original TANK controls, NOT with the point-and-click interface, I really felt those arrows were unnecessary, and I hoped they would be gone. (Or did I miss something in the menu to turn this off?) For example: when Manny is interacting with the engine controls of the S.S. Lola, I get these four arrows automatically telling me what to do, and it feels didatical. It's obvious what I can do to these controls. Wait, actually, no. Cause... when I first played the original game, years ago, I remember it was part of the puzzle to figure it out that these controls could be used sideways - getting the ship to pull away from port, and then back again. It's actually not that obvious that Manny can pull one lever up and the other down: it was PART OF THE PUZZLE! A tiny part of it, but still a part of it. So, it even worries me that those four orange arrows will ruin that experience for future players! Seriously, I'm sorry for being such a purist. But it does stick to my head that players RIGHT NOW are not getting that little satisfying moment you can only get on Adventure Games, of saying: "What happens if I press... Oh, that makes sense! Because he's pulling one lever up and one down! So clever..." (instead, they're going: "Oh, the game is telling me to do this...", which is so poor, but they'll never know) Also, when I'm driving the crane in Domino's Factory, I again get these ugly orange side arrows, blocking part of the view of the colossal Edge of The World and it's beautiful waterfalls. That view used to feel so climatic, so monumental, so cinematic! Now it feels... less climatic. Less monumental. Less cinematic. So, I'm really wishing these could be turned off in the future. I actually wish it was never there in the first place. May this feedback serve as a message for Tim that his 90's instincts were totally right, and that there's at least somebody out here paying attention to that kinda detail, super lamenting for whatever reason didn't let him stick to his original "no-metaphores-in-this-game" vision. Hope someone important will read this, if not Tim himself...
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