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  1. Hey! Tim Schafer with a sock puppet caricature has been selected into 3dtotal's gallery. Now every star counts as it is in the monthly competition where one artwork is selected as the winner. 5 stars will get it more points, 1 will get it less, final marks don't matter here, only the number of points. I would very much appreciate every vote, it will mean a lot for my exposure, and if it gets enough votes Tim would be selected winner of the month and linger longer in the gallery I have created this caricature for two reasons: I love Tim and his approach to games, and to help boost awareness for Psychonauts 2 crowdfunding on all my portfolios and 3d art communities. All you have to do is follow the link below, and under the title of the image and my name - under "Your rating" select the number of stars you see fit, and that's it. Thanks again! http://www.3dtotal.com/galleries/image/Character/7180-tim-schafer-caricature-by-dmitrij-leppee-tim-schafer-zbrush-portrait-sock-puppet-leppee-keyshot#.VowDnvkrKUk
  2. Thanks so much! Yes, 3d model. It would be my pleasure to hand it over if they asked me New renders, because I wasn't completely happy
  3. Thank you! That would be fun
  4. And finally final Edit: I've added a low res version, kind of like that look more.
  5. Wasn't happy at all with the caricature today, so reworked it a bit. Hope it's better now, might revisit it yet again.
  6. Hi! Today I have created this quick caricature of Mr Schafer. Hope you like it For anyone interested, the software used was ZBrush, technique was sculpting from a dynamesh sphere, renders from Zbrush with composition in Photoshop. Seems that remasters are a thing now, and here's a de-master
  7. Thank you very much for the info! That seems logical. What pledge tiers do you mean - the main page or the next one where the purchase is made? I was unable to find whether Psychonauts 1 becomes immediately available, or only when 2 comes out. Do you maybe know?
  8. HI! I'm sorry if this has already been discussed and answered elsewhere, please link me to it if that is the case. So I would love to back the new Psychonauts, but before I do so I would like to make sure about a couple of things: For example in the 10$ support a reward states that the backer gets a psychonauts 1 digital download, whereas in the 39$ support it states that you get Psychonauts 1 (among other things) but the description says (at a lower than retail price). That is what confuses me: so if I back it with 10 dollars I get a digital download, and if I back it with 39 I get to purchase with a lower than retail price, or what is the deal there? Also do we get the digital download of psychonauts 1 immediately, or do we have to wait for the release of psychonauts 2 to get 1 as well? Thank you!!!
  9. Hey! Here's a Grabbin' Gary fan art, and I've joined him to Shaylijah as well
  10. Leppee

    Shay 3D fan art

    Update on Elijah as Shay.
  11. Leppee

    Shay 3D fan art

    Hey! Thanks so much for saying that, I'm glad you like it! There's no greater feeling than getting positive feedback from fellow point and click adventure games fans I only wish to provide work for Double Fine one day Cheers btw if anyone is interested in Curse of Monkey island remake in stills I have been working on in spare time on and off, and since I am not sure it is welcome to publish here as a separate topic, you can find it here: https://dmitrijleppee.carbonmade.com/projects/5555850
  12. Leppee

    Shay 3D fan art

    Hey! This is my recent Broken Age fan art, created with ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot. I'll probably polish it in the future, but couldn't wait to publish I am mostly likely overcompensating for not backing the game. I would have, just that I've found about it when Act1 was already on steam. Hope you enjoy it
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