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  1. Woo, thanks Geoff! Was super envious after seeing it on the last Team Stream. Now I can print one on my printer.
  2. I certainly have no problem with you making it public. I think it would be very educational to the average gamer, if you could get them to watch.
  3. Nope those are gone, too. Curse my un-caffeinated fingers I am just too slow.
  4. Yes, if you didn't see credits you didn't get to the end.
  5. Ok, after playing through trying stuff for about an hour I got to the credits. Wow, worth the price of admission! I know it's just a prototype but it really sucks you into the world and gives you a lot of feels. I would love to see this worked into a full game. Penn you are awesome. Now I get all the potatoes. Super great job to the whole team for getting something this crazy impossible to a playable state. You guys should be proud.
  6. When Anna referenced Papers Please as an inspiration I was not super interested as it is not typically my kind of game. But I really enjoyed Dear Leader and would absolutely play a full version. The artwork was gorgeous and the desk interface worked well. The writing for the bios and ministers was great, and the classical music worked. (I gotta go download the AF album) It is short, but still hard to believe you guys made it in two weeks. Great job.
  7. Nice job guys. The controls worked well and it looked beautiful for two weeks work! The prototype really showed this as a solid concept. My only gripe is I wanted to jump the fence and keep going.
  8. Finally got it running on Steam and finished it. It took me a bit to get the mechanic in my head, but once I did it was great. I could totally see a whole game using this. Props to the whole team. Music/sound/Voice acting was great and you guys knocked it out of the park with the look. It really did get close to Derek's concept art. Brad was right, holy shit Derek Brand you are a genius.
  9. I can't get Mnemonic to run either. And Little Pink Best Buds showed up, but after I restarted it's gone again.
  10. That's awesome. Thanks Amarisse!
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