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  1. Game-breaking bug log

    Never mind i switched to blue guard from green after opening green door. Not as simple as video. Thanks
  2. Game-breaking bug log

    I am trying to enter the computer core and their is no blue guard to enter blue door at the waste carousel 2 purge station. I see it in YouTube videos from the PC version. I'm on PS4 Please help! Green door is right before so I can't leave the 2 rooms to find one.
  3. Psychonauts crashing on Mac (via Steam)

    I was just about to buy this. But alas I have Lion. I will get this as soon as I hear of a fix. Thanks Double Fine for bringing it over, you make great games! Enjoyed Brutal Legend and Trenched but have not tried Psychonauts yet. Btw has anyone tried it with a PS3 controller? Thanks in advance
  4. Brutal Legend is stuck at the Loading screen

    Just another stuck with this dreaded problem listed here, GameFAQ and gamespot forums. Stuck on loading and then PS3 reboots. It was my second playthrough once on casual on 360, then on PS3. I purchased all dlc on PS3. This was the first game I was trying to platinum and was my favorite game in 2009. I was almost there and can't bare to start from scratch and free all those serpents again. Please take note Double Fine, this problem is real. It has nothing to do with a dirty disc or PS3 hardware from all appearances. Please keep posting workarounds/ possible solutions here. Thanks forum. psn:swiller