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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the intro screen, Matt! I hadn't tried that. One of my personal favourites is that we can now see the exact wording of Green Tentacle's letter in the opening cutscene! Another is the (previously mentioned) "no running with scissors" sign. The other "distinguished gentleman" - as in the one that's not Jar Jar - I recognise him. I think...? At first glance I thought it was Malcolm Corley, but after comparing an actual screenshot of him to the picture I'm not sure. Wait... is it Dead Cousin Ted, when he was alive!? He has the same mouth shape...
  2. Well, I do need some DOTT merchandise. I definitely think it'd work great as a cartoon series. Heck, I'd be up for getting involved in the making a DOTT spin-off cartoon series myself! Don't know if anyone here is familiar with the web comic Day After Day of the Tentacle, which was apparently last updated in 2007, but it was a nice little fan-made comic strip in which Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne had all moved into the mansion for reasons unknown, and I think that'd be a good starting point for a cartoon. Maybe their living costs go up and they can no longer afford their old apartment, so they move into the mansion where Dr Fred has them pay their rent in blood, sweat, and tears by running wacky errands for him? He'd probably get them to be his test subjects for his latest inventions, perhaps have them run the motel from time to time, and so on. Something to that effect.
  3. Thanks for answering, Oliver! Wait... tentaclers... that's what we're called now, eh? Awesome. Re: remastered character designs. Some of the characters' visual designs didn't turn out the way I was expecting (basically, when I've drawn the characters before, I've often gone in a slightly different direction, despite trying to stay true to the original designs) but I actually really like them all! Bernard does look quite different from the original when you compare those screenshots ShyGuy provided in that post. Although for the most part I really like his remastered look. I'm still not sure about the top of his glasses (I'd have liked them to be slightly rounder) but I accept them. It took a little getting used to, I suppose. It's not really something that bothers me. I think both Hoagie and Laverne have been redrawn in the remaster wonderfully! In Hoagie's remastered walk cycle, he looks "bulkier" to me somehow. His stomach bounces around a bit more and I *think* he kinda waddles side to side a bit more when he walks now (maybe that's just my imagination though). I like his default facial expression in the new one too. He looks like he's pouting more. Overall, I think he also looks slightly more relaxed in the remaster. Laverne has some hilarious facial expressions in the remaster! Well, she did in the original too, but some of her expressions have been kicked up a notch in this one. Among my favourites are when she picks up the frozen hamster and her eyes widen crazily, and pretty much everything she does throughout the "epilogue" cutscene. Also, her hair seems a bit wavier than I expected it to look, but again this is something that I actually prefer to my own interpretation.
  4. Yeah, either on the controls pop-up at the start or as a little instruction when you first control Hoagie. It probably should mention it somewhere though. I saw a bit of Sips from Yogscast doing his playthrough and he didn't seem to know about that shortcut. o.ov When I first played the game, I remember it took me ages to actually find the plans, and I had the manual too. I remember reading the manual before unlocking Hoagie in-game, and in there it explained how you could switch between characters and get them to send items to each other. So thanks to that I knew how to get one character to send an object to another before Hoagie and Laverne were even controllable for me. Would definitely help newcomers though.
  5. Oh my gosh, Monkey Mania found the Hoagie belch. Well done! (Sorry for getting excited about something as weird as that - that's the only replaced sound in the remaster that I have still not yet accepted. ) Actually, I do agree with ShyGuy about how some of the new sounds haven't "packed the same punch as the old ones". The one that feels weak to me is when Laverne gets an electric shock in the kennel. Partly because the animation that the sound accompanies is so wacky and cartoony, and the new sound isn't as in-your-face as the old one. I have kinda got used to it though, I guess. I was looking through sound libraries a few weeks ago and think I found one of the "pick up" sound effects. For some reason, I think it was on Cartoon Trax Volume #5, but I'll let you know if I come by it again.
  6. In one dialogue choice at the end, Purple says that he was the one that created the Sludge-o-Matic in the first place. As in, before he became an evil genius, he created the thing that turned him into an evil genius. That one is played 100% for laughs though. (You can respond with "it makes my heads hurt".) Interestingly, in the endgame, Bernard will refuse to take the contract out of the safe because he thinks it'll mess with one of the puzzles earlier in the game, but he will happily pick up the "help wanted" sign that you need for a different puzzle. In the epilogue, it seems that Bernard, Hoagie, Laverne, and Dr Fred have all retained their memories of the game's events, despite the fact that the point of the game was to stop said events from ever happening in the first place. But it's pretty common in time travel stories for the heroes to keep their memories of... stuff that no longer happened. I suppose sometimes it's best to cut off logic somewhere just to keep the writers from going crazy! They let us attempt to figure out the logic behind it instead. And then we end up going crazy. (It's okay, writers. I don't mind going crazy.)
  7. I had mixed feelings about the music looping (or lack of looping, as it was). I felt like it was quite effective in some scenes, but didn't work so much in others. I too would have loved to hear some live instruments in this, but at least we've known for a while now that this wouldn't be the case. So I guess any disappointment I might have had about that, I got over some time ago. Anyway, nice review, and I do agree with most of it. One thing that was different for me though - I never had any scenes that took long to load (I think it paused for about 3 seconds after the cutscene with the lab/time machine breaking, but that was my longest wait). But like you said, maybe it was to do with concept art unlocks (I wonder if anyone else on the PS4 had this issue?). It might be okay next time you try it. I think my biggest criticism of the remaster is that they replaced Hoagie's belch sound effect... ... so, considering that's my biggest criticism, I guess I'm very happy with the remaster overall!
  8. I've been playing it all evening. I took my sweet time playing from beginning to end, trying to get as many of the achievements as possible but still missed a few! I've just looked through the concept art, and turned commentary on. I really, really hope lots of people who have never played the original discover the game through this remaster and give it a go. Today really brought back memories of when I first played DOTT, why I loved it so much straight away, and why I still love it just as much now! There were some graphics in the game that I found especially impressive, and they did the music transitions really well (something I was... semi-skeptical about, you could say). Loved getting the achievements. Thank you for rewarding me for attempting to eat the cat. And... doing some other stuff. As I mentioned this morning in another thread, while playing through the remaster for my first time, I had a pen and notebook next to me and just wrote down my thoughts while playing it. I've seen people do things like that on the Telltale forums before (back in the day!) and kind of did it myself with Grim Fandango. I'll type it up at some point, which I guess is kind of like a "live review". Great work, DF! I sort of had a rough day today so it was great knowing I was coming home to this; really cheered me up and I can't get enough of it. Thanks so much! <3
  9. I was surprised to hear that changed too. At first I thought I was just going crazy and that maybe the one they used in the remaster was just how Oozo's original voice sounded in high quality, but no, too different. I'm not complaining either, but I was wondering why this happened. Maybe the original voice for Oozo couldn't be recovered?
  10. Yay, played through the first little bit! I'm so pro. Got an achievement and concept art just for finding the laboratory. I noticed quite a few sounds were different, but recognised a fair amount from the original too. I'm thinking, when I get home, I might do a full write-up of my thoughts during a whole playthrough (just whatever pops into my mind as I go along). I kind of did that for Grim Fandango when I first played that (although the remaster for that game actually was my first time because I missed out on the original). Back later!
  11. Halfway through the download! Probably won't actually get to play it properly before I go out but I might just watch the first cutscene or two. Oddly enough, I don't remember the tentacle jumping sounds being different even though it must have been in the Tim and Matt interview. Guess I wasn't listening properly or something! The ones I particularly remember being different (both in the trailer) were the electric shock sound (from the human kennel) and the sound it makes when you punch Oozo. I was kind of expecting most of the changed sounds to stick out like a sore thumb (although like it's already been said it won't matter for new customers) but guess I'll have to wait and see.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up, EMarley! I always forget to check Twitter and it hadn't occurred to me it might be that early. In which case I might even get a chance to download it tomorrow morning and then play it as soon as I get home. That'd work nicely for me.
  13. I really like the fan-remakes of Maniac Mansion (played Deluxe, and used to follow the Night of the Meteor news a bit), but it would be pretty great to see something official. But at least the game itself is kind of getting a re-release anyway as it's part of DOTT Remastered (despite not being remastered itself, at least customers will have legal access to the game again). Regarding the music, I like the idea of it being made to suit the rooms rather than just switching based on who you're controlling, NES style. Having certain locations sample character theme music would be neat. Anyway, I'm mostly hoping for a third game in the franchise. Someday. In the distant future. Personally I would love a MM3 to be, for the most part, faithful to DOTT in terms of atmosphere, art style, and bringing back the same characters. I guess that's going to be a matter of taste though - there will likely be fans who'd prefer a third game to resemble the original Maniac Mansion more so than Day of the Tentacle.
  14. Pre-ordered from Steam! I'd love to see them do cards for this eventually. Looking forward to seeing what achievements it has too.
  15. Is it worth linking to these two as well? Behind the Art of Day of the Tentacle - what it says on the tin. The game's art and inspiration described by Peter Chan and Larry Ahern, and how they went about creating the graphics for the remaster; also contains samples of concept art and final game art (characters and backgrounds). Peter McConnell on Communicating Cartooniness - interview with Peter about the music composition and the kind of atmosphere it conveys. Along with samples of music from the game. They're mentioned at the start of the oral history article, but I thought it might be helpful to link to them here separately too.
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