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  1. https://doublefine.itch.io/hack-n-slash is working...i just bought it for $13. DRM free downloads. No stinky steam client required!
  2. You're looking at it wrong. By the time it's delivered you'll have forgotten watching those stinky youtube videos and it will be like seeing it again for the first time. When you open the mailbox...holy crap i totally forgot i even bought that.
  3. Awesome work! Love that you are making the effort...we can wait.
  4. I'll be spending some time at the end of production to work out export settings for all the updated content. Will be trying to drive the file size down for sure. Check the bitrates...for example episode one from Humble is: 14764.2 kbps while the same episode on VHX is only: 4261.0 kbps The Humble file is 2.3GB and the VHX is only 677M. I'd much rather have the Humble file since the bitrate is over three times the VHX version. Hard drive space is cheap and Internet downloads are fast...I'll take the better image quality, especially when viewing them on a 60 inch screen. So feel free to keep the file sizes ginormous!
  5. Its in the same humble email as the game download. You can both download the doc and game as well as get the Steam and VHX keys there. I swear I responded to this this morning. The Humble code, which every backer got, had the game as a direct download, as well as codes for Steam and GOG; and the documentary direct, as well as a code for VHX. They also added Steam codes for the documentary thanks all, i found the email and also found the links in my humble account. i'm just dumb.
  6. Hi, if we were backers of the physical box copy (game and blu-ray) how do we download the digital videos? Was there a Humble Bundle or VHX code somewhere? Or is the code going to be in the blu-ray case (like it was for AF2014)? Thanks!
  7. Hi, any news on the Blu-ray edition of the documentary for the $100 backers? I guess since that it's going to be in the box with the game it depends on when the game is shipped? I am really enjoying all of your documentaries (AF, Adventure, Devs Play). I'd buy a Blu-ray of Devs Play if you ever decide to make it. Thanks!
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