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  1. Point and Click Adventures

    Oh sweet, I'd pay to own that book!
  2. Night of Adventure

    Nah, it's not really that awkward, it seems he'd be happy to do it. He seems pretty cool about that stuff considering he posts on here too.
  3. Bugs'n'Glitches

    Who said anything about blaming the game? I and I expect many others, were listing these things to help weed out what it was we liked about the game, and what we did not like about the game, without blaming the game for various bugs and glitches that were expected from a prototype. There have been many people in the threads that were posting disdain for the game, largely based on these glitches and frustrations, so acknowledging them will help the developers know that we know what problems exist, so we aren't complaining about the game based on those. yeah bug reporting is just part of the test process, man. Nice avatar, btw.