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    Favourite games of all time so far: Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Broken Age, Grim Fandango and Final Fantasy IX. Yep, Tim Schafer has written 4 out of my top 5. And that's why I've joined Double Fine forums. Can't wait for Psychonauts 2!
  1. She's fantastic in Broadchurch, and Chibnall wrote the women on that show really well and with a lot of sensitivity, so I'm also glad it'll be him in charge rather than Moffat. She was also in Black Mirror 1x03.
  2. Jodie Whittaker was fantastic on Broadchurch, and has sci-fi credentials with Attack the Block and Black Mirror, it's such exciting news.
  3. I only just found about about this 1993 comic called Psychonauts.
  4. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Brief footage of Raz at HQ, doing idle animations and walking, at the end of this video interview.
  5. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Someone spotted Psychonauts plasma globes on ebay a while ago.
  6. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Kinda Funny Gamescast video interview with Tim 24/02 Kinda Funny Morning Show video interview with Tim 18/04. Vblogger 10de10's interview with Tim at Rio 26/04. E3 Game Informer GI Show video interview – Tim Schafer Meets A Way Out's Josef Fares (with Greg Rice too) 15/06
  7. Psychonauts Boyd's House - Unreal Engine 4 Remaster

    It looks awesome, the style and colours are so spot-on! I like the wonkiness of all the window/door frames.
  8. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Cheers for the link! But the timestamp is wrong: the timestamps for livestreams change until they become VoD videos. Here's the right place: https://youtu.be/AH2D9xnjfwk?t=7h3m51s
  9. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    No problem! Tim and Greg Rice E3 interview video. Psychonauts-wise, they only touch briefly on the recent update video. Today Tim Shafer and Jack Black will chat at E3 Coliseum at 6pm pacific time (2am bst). That will stream live on youtube, twitch and facebook where you can send in questions. I spotted some Double Fine videos of Konsoll 2016 that were uploaded a few months ago.
  10. Both in Camp Whispering Rock and in the latest making-of video, we see the names of probably the founders of the Psychonauts: Lucrecia Mux, Otto Mentallis, Helmut Fullbear, Bob Zanotto, Cassie O'Pia (nice!), Compton Boole and a Cruller that looks a lot like Ford himself, but could be an ancestor. In 2:52 of the most recent video, you see the Double Fine team have a folder/ discussion topic called "Brain_Helmut", so it's a likely guess that that's one of the brain levels we'll be entering. Are these founders still alive? Or will we be entering a brain that's stored in the Hall of Brains mentioned during the campaign? And/Or is this where necromancy comes into play?
  11. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Fig Update #4: We're in full production! Also, a video that explains the prototyping of Raz's levitation ball, posted 8 months ago but I don't think was shared here. Last few times I've posted on this thread, I've had the nagging feeling I'd forgotten something. Anyone know of a interview Tim did recently where when the interviewer brought up 2018 for the release of Psy2, Tim didn't seem sure and avoided answering either way? Did I dream it?
  12. The one I've been waiting for!
  13. Fig Update 4 - We're in full production!

    I'm reading it now and it's all super exciting and lovely, but please fix the wrong spelling of Milla Vodello's name in the Raz's New Look section, I'm appalled. (It also says that the Psychonauts uniform is a black turtleneck instead of green, and the image of Raz at the end doesn't seem to be wallpaper-sized, but those are less important things). I really like Raz's new outfit, and definitely thought it looked Sasha-inspired, but wouldn't have guessed they're actually Sasha's old clothes. Hahaha, I can just imagine Raz's delight. A plot point that means he loses his old outfit! Oh no! Exciting to think of the game being in full production now. As usual, I'll be re-watching the video, poring over all the details. Have a good time at E3!
  14. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Disc copies of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin!