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    Favourite games of all time so far: Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Broken Age, Grim Fandango and Final Fantasy IX. Yep, Tim Schafer has written 4 out of my top 5. And that's why I've joined Double Fine forums. Can't wait for Psychonauts 2!
  1. I'm currently playing Hack n' Slash for the first time, I'd participate!
  2. Thimbleweek Park 30th March Full Throttle 18th April Last episode of The Dream Machine 11 May. (And Finding Paradise coming out in the Summer?) That's a lot of things I've been looking forward to.
  3. Video link to the IGF and GDC awards. His part begins at 38:30 In this video he plays Tiny Epic Galaxies against Wil Wheton, Mayim Bialik and Andy Weir.
  4. A couple more interviews with Chad and Tim: Venture Beat: Double Fine dives into VR with PitRoR Gamasutra: Making Psychonauts humour work in VR -- without making people sick Also, Double Fine Action Show video for PitRoR launch. Gotta update that masterlist!
  5. The characters are all great. I think Penny is my favourite, but I really like Julia and Elliot as well.
  6. Agreed with that assertion. That horrific rape scene coupled with the other horrible dark stuff from the end of S1 made me wonder whether I'd watch S2, but I gave it a go and the show continues to be brilliantly engaging.
  7. More links: Peter McConnell interview about his work in PitRoR Playstation Blog interview with Tim about PitRoR TWiT Newcast Network video interview with Chad Community Q & A with Chad answering our questions Wareable PitRoR interview. Gamespot interview with Tim and Chad: On creating positivity and empathy with VR (and their games in general) Eric Wolpaw (who is working on Pschonauts 2) leaves Valve.
  8. VRDC video: Chad Dawson's talk "Reinventing 'Psychonauts' for VR. Starbreeze is publishing partner for Psychonauts 2, includes statements from Starbreeze and Double Fine. Fig project update #3: Into the Woods. Video: Quarry Art test. Video: Lead Level Designer Ryan Mattson. Video: PitRoR 360º 3D preview Video: DF team trip to the the woods for inspiration George Soulis 'Devsplanation' (it's OK, Spaff, we understand) on the painterly look of Psy2 Awesome new trailer for PitRoR Playstation podcast audio interview with Tim Schafer and Chad Dawson. Endgadget interview: Psychonauts in VR is a story Tim Schafer never planned to tell. Endgadget video preview and interview. Previews/reviews (slight spoilers for plot points and puzzles): IGN video preview with new footage. Gamespot video preview with new footage. Pre-order The Rhombus of Ruin ($20) and get Psychonauts for free.
  9. No worries! @Spaff will probably be able to help you out if I can't. Let's see, I reckon that if you purchased a DRM-free copy of the game from the DF store (ie. no client such as Steam required to download it, you can download the game directly to your computer), it was probably a humble bundle link. Do you remember what e-mail address you used to make your purchase? Search your e-mail for 'broken age' or 'double fine store' or perhaps even 'humble bundle' and you might find an e-mail with a download link. Do you have a humble bundle account? If so, login and check your purchases and library and you might find it there.
  10. Your purchase was for the full Broken Age, Act 1 and 2 were never sold separately! I don't have experience buying from the DF website, but I imagine it involves logging into an account to see your games library? Just re-download Broken Age, it will be now be the full game. I'm not sure your savegame will transfer, though, you may need to either replay Act 1 (which would be good to freshen up on stuff you last played years ago), or download a suitable savegame from the internet. PS. Don't worry, my icon is not part of the game, it's not a spoiler.
  11. How much discussion went into designing what Sasha Nein's eyes would look like behind his glasses? I take it that the game is best played as a 180º experience in terms of left-right vision. But what if you were to sit on a swivel chair and turn 360º in every location, what would happen? Would it spoil the immersion a lot? Will there be continuity between how Clairvoyance is used in Rhombus of Ruin and how it will be used (if it's used - I hope!) in Psychonauts 2?
  12. Intriguing story, only a few meaty puzzles, mostly pretty basic point-and-clicking. I found the detective work involved in the gradual unravelling of the mystery satisfying and enjoyed the dialogue.
  13. More artwork! And another funny story: my two-year-old nephew was watching the game on TV as his older brothers played. When Marek took off his wolf mask, he spontaneously exclaimed: "Oh my goodness! It's a monster!", sounding pretty pleased about it. Another convert
  14. Portal is the only game to have given me motion sickness, I wouldn't dare to play it with VR! D: Anyone tried Rex Infinite on VR? I played the demo, left me pretty breathless.
  15. Demoli named the profile on his Psychonauts speedrun "grim" after a "pretty cool guy"