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    Favourite games of all time so far: Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Broken Age, Grim Fandango and Final Fantasy IX. Yep, Tim Schafer has written 4 out of my top 5. And that's why I've joined Double Fine forums. Can't wait for Psychonauts 2!
  1. Yeah... Still feeling bereft, honestly. Loved the characters and the twists and turns of the story. Having essentially binge-played them (I played Legacy and started Unbound ages ago, but once I finished Unbound last week it was full steam ahead), I was pleasantly surprised by how consistent the series was. I expected that, like it often happens with series where the games come out several years apart, like for example the Monkey Islands, they would vary wildly from one to the other, but Blackwell kept up its particular tone and spirit (heh) well alive (heh) throughout. The fixes they did afterwards to the older games probably helped with that (replacing voice-acting and character portraits).
  2. I've finally finished the Blackwell series and I'm going to PM all of you that recommended it my therapy bill. Such good writing and story-telling, I'm so sad I've finished them.
  3. I've tagged the games in my Steam library in basically these categories: "to play soon", "i also haven't played these", and else. What I pick next from my "to play soon" pile depends a lot on mood, and is usually influenced by the last thing I've played. For example, my most recent ones: I finished Episode 6 of The Dream Machine. Awesome game, but very dark and disturbing. So next I played Lumino City, which is colourful and happy. After the very intensive puzzling of Lumino City, I felt like something more story-focused, so I'm playing through the Blackwell series, probably to the end.
  4. A few articles from Tim's visit to Game and Geek Rio festival in Brazil last month (April 21st). They're in Portuguese, but obviously Tim's replies in the videos are in English, and for everything else there's Google Translate: 8 Curious Facts about him/ his work Exclusive IGN Brazil video interview about Brazil, game design, and VR IGN Brazil video interview: Three truths, one lie
  5. Makes a pleasant change from looking up news about politics! Article that quotes the Starstream panel: Tim Shafer: Important for sequels to tell a whole new story (15/05/17) Article/interview about Tim's career: Yes, Videogames are serious art. This guy's career proves it (11/05/17)
  6. Have y'all heard about the Alan Wake thing? The game will be removed from online stores tomorrow because the music license runs out. So it's been selling 90% off everywhere this week-end, last chance to get it.
  7. Starbreeze Starstream with Tim about Psychonauts 2. Tim does a short intro to Psychonauts 2 at 1:35:14: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/141540011?t=95m14s And about 5 min later, a roundtable of veterans of the industry including Tim: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/141540011?t=113m3s EDIT: Hey, new costume for Raz in the first one! I like it Clip of the new engine footage.
  8. I love it when Steam does their surveys, my favourite titbit in their analysis of my system: LMAO what? (ene. must be for January, since I bought my computer in Spain). I know my computer is old (it says my OpenGL version is 1.1, wow, I thought it was at least 2), but it's not THAT old!
  9. It's been three main updates since the end of the campaign, each with several videos, so don't say it's just been 2 videos. They said the updates would be every four months and they've stuck to that. Note that most of this time Psy2 has been in the pre-production stage with a skeleton crew, and every other DF project released since then has also had 2PP making-of videos, including Rhombus of Ruin.
  10. No, that G-Man is awesome! I love the chameleon-like eyes, fitting for a master of disguise. Your cross-hatching is so precise, it's so satisfying to look at. What type of pen(s) do you use? I hadn't seen the new Sasha and Milla pic, it's so pretty!
  11. Great job, everyone! Pongball looked amazing! And all the DF prototypes turned out fantastic as well.
  12. That's wonderful, thank you!
  13. Cool, @germila! There's a couple of keynotes on youtube about dialogue systems in Double Fine games, have you seen them? One of them is called GGC 2015: Untitled Presentation by Anna Kipnis and another is Dialogue Systems in Double Fine Games on the GDC channel.
  14. Hint 1: Where are you seeing the symbols? Because there's two places where they appear, if you can't see the relationship between them and the hexipal it's probably because you've only discovered one of those places. Let me know if you need another hint.
  15. A game in one or two hours?! I can't even fathom that, haha. I'll PM you a link to my game!