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  1. I just noticed after finishing the game that the strange news on steam “Why Broken Age Act 2’s Story is an Awful Mess”.... I dont get it why is this news there? Can we vote against this? How is this possible? The news has nothing to do with the game, it's just someone opinion...seems like they are paying to have their news on Steam.
  2. I even had to do some little math... this is the first time I had to do this since 20 years!
  3. Ah! I hadn't thought of that, I really like that reading. The metaphore I saw was the 21st century person trapped into thinking the way he lives is good and slowly realizing that an alternative has to be taken. That alternative is the bridge that allows the best of both world to exist hand in hands. It is a wonderful message of hope! The great thing with this kind of story telling is the room left for personnal interpretations. A kid playing this game or an adult playing it will have a different take on it. Clearly the dude who wrote this is sensible to the world he lives in. Well actually that kind of people make the capital mistake of expecting something very specific but when they get something else, they get frustrated. If you are not ready to listen and accept what the storyteller will tell you then dont play, read or watch.
  4. momo

    The happy topic

    Right, lets try this again then: Please only post constructive feedbacks or something that will alleviate the potentially painful experience of reading comments online. To the Broken age people thank you very much for your hard work. The experience has been enchanting so far. I will try to write something more useful once I finshed the game.
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    The happy topic

    Hello, The aim of this topic is for happy people to post their messages of happy kindness so the developpers can come and wash the stains left by the barf people. Please be kind and if you need to vomit or let loose of some fecal matters please go somewhere else, there are plenty of toilet on the internet. I just wanted to thank the team at double fine for their fine work and long hours on Broken Age! Please keeping making adventures games. Being an animator I particularly like the approach that was taken with the animation in the game. It's wonderfully alive and work perfectly with the atmospheres and background of the game. THANK YOU and a pat on your crunch time fatend backs!
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