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  1. I made a paper set of these... http://sandgoddess-naomi.deviantart.com/art/Paper-Psychic-merit-badges-38265566 I might actually make another one, since my paper collage skills have improved greatly since then. But oh yeah, I would totaly buy a set of these!
  2. Sugar Bot

    The Razz

    That's cute! You know, a vaguely remember that cartoon... But it certainly looks like something I might enjoy now.
  3. Sugar Bot

    The Razz

    lol, Awww. Did you use ms paint?
  4. Sugar Bot

    The Razz

    D: Sorry, "Image not found"
  5. I love you double fine! We whine, and you listen! Thanks for being there for us!
  6. Well, maybe Psychonauts is my kind of game. All the things that I think make a great game, I found in Psychonauts. However, I do understand where you're coming from, and yes, it's a DF fourm, and yes, I was brown nosing a bit. But only a bit. In my opinion, besides the camera and meat circus, Psychonauts is up there with the greats. lol I look for story and writing and art design over most things.
  7. Hey, I was defending them.... somewhat. Japanes games are good, but not Double fine good. Let's face it, there's only one two headed baby.... Until the Koreans get their hands on him.... Maybe it'll be a three headed baby?
  8. HAHAHAHAHAAAA! "Step in anything interesting lately?"
  9. D: Manipulatin much? Also, holy crap! Talk about getting off subject. This tread just creeped me right the heck out. I'm gone, yo.
  10. No, it's ok to laugh. It's their own fault for going on "live" televison. Really, with the reputaion his show has for these kinds of things, those people should know better. You should see what they did to the girl afraid of cotton balls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G45s4GJslGI I hope we've learned something today children. Never, EVER let Maury know your fears. He feeds off them. They make him stronger. D:
  11. LOL, it makes me laugh! They're totally pissing off their home demographic! They won’t sell shit!
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