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  1. Psn sale for Stacking?

    Like the title says, will there ever be a sale for this game on psn? I've had this game on my to-buy list for a long time but I never saw it drop in price. I'd personally snatch it up if it was 9,99$ or less. Please think about it. Good day.
  2. I'm all for people playing the how they want to, trophy hunting or not -- that is the fun part about gaming -- playing however you want. It just seems strange, to me, to request the removal of a trophy (or ask against a future one) because it is a way you'd rather not play! Smiles That is a great point Smiles but the thing is, I believe from the forums I frequent, my friend's opinions and my own that the majority of people who play adventure games would prefer not to have them. Since the pool of people I know is small, I could be wrong but it does seem to be leaning that way at a glance. But like I said, I will buy this game regardless. I would be interested in seeing a poll for that. I wonder what the results would be.
  3. True but the thing is I have a massive backlog of games so with these games I come in hoping to get all trophies in one playthrough so that I can move on quicker (I'm not upset if that's not the case and I still have fun). I don't end up replaying these games until a decade or two later. That's why I enjoy Telltale games a lot. Not only are the stories pretty cool but I don't even have to think about the trophies. Grim fandango had a great list but there were some missables. I think Grim could've used a chapter select where you could choose a year to play. People ended up having to keep save files at the beginning of each year just in case. I didn't mention speerunners. Speedrunners are awesome. I think speedrun trophies work well with some games but not these. As for what your favorite types of achievements are, that's cool but what you like is not what I like. This thread is a wish list and I personally wish there were no speedrun trophies. And before someone else says "who cares about trophies". Me dude, I care. Gaming and trophy hunting are two separate hobbies that I go full out on. You can spend hours playing games just like you can spend hours talking with fellow hunters on how to best approach certain trophies, writing guides to help others and much more. I don't game without trophies in mind anymore and I like it that way.
  4. I would like it if there were no speedrun trophy like in Broken age. Speedruns don't fit well with these kinds of game (my friends and I like these games because they're relaxing). Also, I'd like it if there weren't any missable trophies so that I could actually play the game without having to double check a guide every 2 minutes in case I miss something. At the very least, if this isn't possible, maybe have some kind of chapter select so that players could esily go back to obtain them? I'll still be getting the game regardless but like I said, I'd rather concentrate fully on the game itself.