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  1. So this was a sweet little surprise. ...Now I'm craving a collaboration between Toby Fox and Double Fine. Can you say funniest game ever?
  2. Ever since Day of the Tentacle Remastered was announced, I've been highly amused at the concept of this game being an official Disney production. Then I started wondering; does this qualify Laverne for Disney Princess status? So, with about 10 minutes of sloppy Photoshoppery, I decided to put together a quick mockup of what I imagined Princess Laverne might look like. Here is the result. I know it could be better, but this wasn't for artistic purposes; it was done purely in the name of experimentation, comedy...and sheer horror. Thoughts?
  3. While he's nowhere NEAR as bad as his brother...am I the only one who thinks Green is a bit of a knob? He does nothing to help for the majority of Day of the Tentacle until the finale, and then the second he gets off his lazy butt, he immediately gets captured by the Purple Army. And let's not forget how whiny and needy he was in Maniac Mansion. You could argue that he was WORSE than Purple in that game, outright murdering Razor or Syd if they got a record contract instead of him. I'm wondering...what if Green had been the one to drink the toxic sludge? Would he have gone on to take over the world? What if he's secretly the one pulling Purple's strings? If there were ever a Maniac Mansion 3, would it be called Day of The Other Tentacle? Discuss.
  4. tJMtuna5viM Double Fine, do I have your permission to release the tracks in MP3 format? They're sitting in a zip file on my Google Drive, just waiting to be downloaded.
  5. Hey, ShyGuy, they've finished up Bernard's Schtick for you, too! That's amazing! I'm gonna have to do a new OST video now. Goddamnit!
  6. Exactly. And just think; it's not the Monkey Island Special Editions we're talking about here.
  7. It's a bit late for all this now, ShyGuy. I think Double Fine are done with this sort of patching at this point. That's why you'll have to do it...YESTERDAY! To the time machine!
  8. Very impressive work on the addition of save slots for Maniac Mansion! And I never realised how much I would miss hearing all the original sound effects while playing Classic Mode. I can also see that a lot of hard work went into the controls and accessibility for different platforms. However... This doesn't appear to be fixed, I'm afraid. In Verb mode the animation is still missing and in Dial mode, you still see nothing during this sequence. EDIT: On further inspection, I can confirm that this HAS been fixed after all! I just had to start a new game from scratch, and it worked even in Dial mode! Nice one, Double Fine. You rock!
  9. Woohoo! Great response! Fast, too. You could also give Oozo his old voice back. Since it's coming out of a crappy speaker, it would makes sense that it would sound compressed.
  10. Ooh, that sounds promising! I'm trying to think what the biggest gripes have been...here's my speculation on Patch 1.04. 1) I think it's fair to say that Maniac Mansion save slots are a given at this point. 2) We know the reason the sound effects were replaced is because the originals were too expensive, and that's okay. Most of the substitutions are close enough, but one or two of the replacements are just plain DULL. We've already had a replacement pitch bend in the intro; I'm hoping we'll get just a few alternative sound effects that are at least as cartooney as the originals were. All I REALLY want is a game show-style "Ding!" and a nice loud toilet flush. Strangest sentence I've ever written.... 3) Weirdness going on with the music implementation. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason behind this; "Occasionally the music will not function correctly" is the most specific way one could sum up all the problems that have been reported thus far. So I reckon the coding behind the music just needs to be given a more sturdy foundation. 4) A lot of the problems on the support forum are basically "This game doesn't run on my specific setup!" which tragically, is inevitable with PC gaming. Some patching may be done to help out (hopefully, quite a lot of) people, but there will always be the unfortunate few left without a paddle. Then hopefully Patch 1.05 (if there is one) will handle the backburner issues. Ironically, those are the fixes I'd like to see the most.
  11. Well, you know what they say. If you want a job done properly...do it yourself. 7dwiqNuoxoU Enjoy!
  12. They should have used the awesome NES soundtrack, which basically drove the fact that the game was blatantly made in the 80s even further into the ground. DoTT has a very 90s feel, but that's more in the art style than anything else (apart from Hoagie's grunge look and mannerisms); the extremely cartoonish lunacy is a triumphant example of the traditional animation revival of that decade. If they made a third game nowadays, I would want all playable characters to carry smartphones, which they use to solve effectively all of the puzzles, there would have to be a beer-chugging frat boy, an airheaded Instagram diva and an insufferably self-righteous social justice warrior. The soundtrack would all be dubstep, and the graphics would all be depicted in retro 8-bit pixel graphics. You may have noticed that this all sounds unbearable. Absolutely, but it would cement the game as a product of its time, just like its predecessors.
  13. Nobody's ever mentioned it, but I will always miss the dreamlike, choir-ish "Waaaaaah" sounds in the Woodtick theme. So peaceful and mysterious. I guess the iMuse coding necessary for that particular instrument was just plain impossible to recreate, so they chucked it out entirely. There's also the theme while exploring LeChuck's lair. When played on Adlib/Soundblaster/Whatever the fuck it's called, you know what I mean, the ScummVM default, the one you grew up with that isn't MT-32), the tension of the theme builds and builds until the melody is loud, dramatic and utterly spine-tingling. The MT32, Special Edition and Buggered Up Classic Mode versions of the track just don't have anywhere near the same level of power, majesty and gravitas of the original. Anyway, if I WERE working on putting together the DoTT Remastered soundtrack for your listening pleasure, which I can neither confirm nor deny, I'd probably have most of the tracks ready now, all that would be left (I IMAGINE) is a few complex cutscene tracks to stitch together, plus some leftover segments that don't seem to play anywhere in the game. I could include those as bonus tracks...all hypothetically speaking, of course. This theoretical soundtrack would go on my YouTube channel, but I wouldn't offer the tracks for free download. Exactly like my other soundtrack uploads, as you're going to hear every note of this music on YouTube in gameplay videos anyway, but giving away an album for free just wouldn't be fair on the composers. I think that's reasonable and within the law, plus both Double Fine and Disney seem pretty mellow about it. But once again, I can neither confirm nor deny that I am working on this project. (Because if I end up with a Cease and Desist, all my hard work will have been for naught!)
  14. (The YouTube BB code won't FRICKING WORK!) Okay, it's only 21 seconds long, but still... Generally I'd say go for the official soundtrack over my attempts at piecing the tracks together from over five years ago. HOWEVER...my Woodtick mix has the splendid ending to the outdoor "hub" theme included, which then takes you directly to the peaceful Scabb Island map theme. On the official OST you hear the Scabb Island theme BEFORE Woodtick, which simply fades out once it's been through all the variations. It just doesn't flow anywhere near as nicely, in my opinion. There's also their bizarre sequencing of Captain Dread's theme, which goes on and on and on and on and on and on and then jarringly switches tracks in a way that is far from seamless. While we're on the subject of MI2 music, can we talk about the most underrated track in the whole series? They transformed what was originally just a slightly more melodic version of the Phatt Island theme into this absolutely BEAUTIFUL track. It's a shame you barely get to hear it over the loud waterfall sound effects, because...my god, it's stunning.
  15. Yes, that came out about a year after I slaved over my own MI2SE soundtrack. Theirs is mostly better than mine...though they missed a track.
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