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  1. In my book it did fantastic, I loved this game. :coolsmile:
  2. I agree with Tom's assessment MC was game of the year, so thought I'd circle back on this old review thread and post the link, thought if any of the DF dev team ever stopped by here still they'd like to see it: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2015/12/20/top-ten-games-of-2015/
  3. Ok, so now we're talking the price of a happy meal. On sale on steam at 75% off, which makes it just 5 bucks!
  4. For those wanting to avoid steam, current deal on GOG has it going for $6.99! http://www.gog.com/game/massive_chalice
  5. Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to do this! You ought to consider posting the link in the steam forum for Massive Chalice too. Little wider exposure perhaps, this forum is pretty slow these days....
  6. Well, 87 hours later and I'm still enjoying this, I guess this one just hits a lot of my game design sweet spots. I often find when a game engages me with a series of meaningful decisions throughout a campaign I really enjoy it. In this case just about every decision from what to research, who to put on vanguard, who to put as regent and partner for getting some new kids going, it really just goes on and on. Not necessarily large decisions, just an endless series that cumulative impact the strategic and tactical layer, something most games just don't do. Anyway, just circled back because I just completed ironman on normal, I was looking for the next difficulty level before hard, and this was perfect. Now every decision was irrevocable, that team wipe I suffered early on because I was focused on getting four houses going and sacrificed early weapon and armor development, yeah, I paid for it and there was no turning back on ironman. But in the end, the long game view paid off as I finished with four bloodlines and five relics in the final battle. For me, and this has yet to stand the test of time I know, so I'll have to re-visit this one a couple years from now, but right now, this is in my top 5 all time.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I stopped by here again to ask if any further changes, patches or DLC were planned as that question came up in the steam forums.
  8. That would be a really nice option to carry things forward into another run at a higher difficulty level.
  9. If there's anyone happening by here that hasn't picked this up yet steam currently has it on sale for 60% off (8 bucks), offer expires in 48 hours.
  10. Pretty cool, shame they didn't get to get into the bloodlines, but then that does take awhile. I liked that they were spooked by the loss of xp, imagine what they would have made of losing 5 years every time one of their team got hit.
  11. Sorry, I've only played it on PC, so don't know about a comparison. If it feels like the controller route isn't working out to your likeing you might go a head and re-download on PC, not a very large game. From my experience on the PC version KB/mouse works just fine.
  12. Well, I thought it was a rather nice idea, but assume development on this one is at an end. For my part at least, I hope they at least consider making an MC2! Or perhaps even just a DLC would be cool.
  13. Feedback from steam forum about an idea for the game (if any updates are possible for it at this point): from danabc: Just finished the game for the first time, and was somewhat disappointed that there were no post game stats. Am I the only one that thiks it would be cool to have a wrap up at the end that details things like number of heroes from each bloodline and class, total house kills, and other fun awards (least accurate, most battles fought with no kills, etc.)? and Aranador: Yah I would love to see final relic stats, best hero of all time, maybe even a fancy family tree sort of thing, although that would be a challenge to code.
  14. Steam achievement stats would suggest differently.
  15. Thanks for the additional reply, I'll keep the highlighted part in mind. And I suppose instinctively I've been working on removing negative traits by default because often the choices I've got available make me pick my way through options that resolve around limiting the damage by way of avoiding negative traits. We appear to be in agreement, the trade offs are a part of the tension that makes this game so much fun.
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