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  1. Hey everyone! Derek's in the zone writing design docs and making concept art right now so I wanted to pop in and show you summa today's progress: We have an early implementation of the possession system and health and, if you look closely, you can see that the pot cracks as you take damage before shattering once its health reaches zero! (shout out to @Jeremy Mitchell for that) We got a lot of work to do on the animation system and combat still, and the programmers are working hard to setup multiplayer and sculpting. Hopefully we'll have more info for you on those things next week, but for now we hope you enjoy the pot smashing. Have a good weekend everybody!
  2. Thanks @thestalkinghead! @Reid_Harris_Cooper Oh man, I just realized that I know very few people who haven't played Animal Crossing! It's not problem if you haven't played it, if you're familiar with Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, or any other "daily life" sim, then you'll understand the core of what I want Mega Flora to be. These games are all based on simple, pleasant systems that the player interacts with daily. It's the zen of maintenance and the joy of watching things interact and grow that I want to capture in this game.
  3. Yep, those two instances are exactly the sort of things we're already thinking about how to improve in Remaster. At this point, don't worry about whether or not the things you're suggesting may be out of the scope of what we might do for the remaster. We want to hear what people want, even if its beyond the scope of what we've done in the past, because once we know that then we can have the discussions about how far we think we can go with this remaster.
  4. What's up everyone! We're at the point in production where we're sitting down and looking at the original game to see if there's any aspects of Full Throttle that could benefit from some extra love. We wanted to get your thoughts on this as well! This could include anything from puzzle clarity to gameplay adjustments of certain areas. While we can't commit to all of the ideas that may come up, we are certainly listening! Throw out any ideas you guys would like to see in the Remastered version of Throttle and we'll discuss them in our planning meetings!
  5. Nope. Spaff just didn't know I had already taken care of the achievements. Or did he?
  6. I'm fairly certain that all the DOTT backgrounds were made digitally, unlike MI2 which i believe was based on scanned paintings. We have some concept art, and we are going to include a concept art gallery like Grim has. We're also going on a mission next week to the Lucas archives to see if we can find even more than we already have. Howdy! Some quick clarification: we talked with Peter Chan for a bit while doing this project and got some background on how he arrived at the look for the original. The backgrounds were done traditionally before being scanned and cleaned up for the game (not unlike MI2). Additionally, we worked closely with Peter on getting the look right for the remaster and while there certainly were numerous different ways we could have reinterpreted the artwork, we decided to try and stick close to the geometric shapes and paper cut-out look of the original designs that were inspired by Maurice Noble.
  7. Hi! Is this where people introduce themselves? That's neat! I've always wanted to introduce myself to somebody! ... but I don't really know how it works Wow, I think I'm doing this really wrong. This is getting embarrassing. Oh, I think I'm making it worse. Okay, I might... I'm just gonna stop. (dang that was bad)
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