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  1. Sorry for the radio silence folks, we're still going! difficult time of the year and whatnot, but we're a couple of weeks out, so ill keep you all posted. Also, for anyone thats emailed in the past month, super sorry! ill get to them as soon as i can. -Skenners
  2. Hey folks! The patch for 1.08 is coming, but we're running a couple of weeks behind. Everyone got super busy with jobs, exams and whatnot, gotta pay the bills! But dont worry, we're still working on the code! We bit off more than we can chew, so we're chewing as hard as we can Ill keep you all posted! -Skenners
  3. We get a lot of people asking whats in the next patch and what are we planning. A lot of times we are just focused on the existing stuff that we forget that we said we would be open and dedicated to giving you guys the information on our development progress. SO! Here it is! Our roadmap for the future, timelines and what we're hoping to accomplish in that time. Theres a tonne of work there, but we're all pretty damn skilled at what we can do and we're getting a lot of interest in folks wanting to help out, which is always appreciated. Some of the new things, We've already said will be added in, but this will give you the hows and whys and how we came to that process being included. We also have wishlist stuff as well which are always fun. check it out here: http://www.spacebasehub.net/roadmap.html shoot us some feedback if you want as well. Its vastly different from the basic stuff that we (I) had in the original plans when I took up modding the game, but it should make the game a lot better. -Skenners
  4. Hey Nemo, Sorry about the delay in reply. I normally use Notepad++ and chuck in a bunch of prints, but like you said, its pretty tedious. I know that banhour and UntrustedLife use Zerobrane and have successfully got it working with moai, but ive only just made the switch myself. Everything ive done has been writing in the print statements into the table loads to show me whats going into them, but yeah, its a huge pain. If I had the time, id write something up to display the table contents and whatnot, im supposed to get one going for the savegame stuff as it is but have been stuck on the GUI rewrites. Get in touch with either of those guys and pick their brains, if not, welcome to the print() world -Skenners
  5. Hey everyone! There's been a bit of radio silence from Derelict Games in our mod building, but rest assured, we're coming out with great stuff! BUT! In the meantime, heres a basic guide for new players on how to survive the first game, work the new squad menu and a few tips and tricks! Make fun of my accent, learn some new things and enjoy the game! EDIT: youtube tags dont work EDIT2: ive been made a liar! -Skenners
  6. repo is here: https://gitlab.com/derelictgames/spacebase-v2-updated-code -Skenners
  7. we still have some stuff in private repos, but its largely so we can develop without interference (or people looking at our shoddy code!), but those will be merged into the main repo when completed and tested so its open to all. A few people have already poked around and its looking great! -Skenners
  8. we do, shoot me an email at Spacebasehub@gmail.com and attach the log file (found in your spacebase directory under the steam files) and send it through. If it has to do with the save game as well, attach that so we can recreate it also. Thanks nash! and thanks xenic! -Skenvoy
  9. Hey everyone! Totally not sure if this is Kosher or not, if its not, ill delete it and no harm done. Our Primary Art Director Ed Wiersma, the man behind the awesome new graphical editions to Spacebase DF9 needs a bit more help! Our plans are running him into the ground and he needs some backup to get things running along smoothly. At the moment, we arent getting paid for our endeavours (boo!) but may be able to make something in the future (yaay!) of which we'd like to share! We also add you to our website and to the game credits for future recognition with other games companies and the like. An entire company of interns! If you have 3D modelling capabilities, love this game and can work with a zany perfectionist in Ed? Shoot us an email at Spacebasehub@gmail.com We'll need to get some info on yourself and a portfolio of your work. Make sure you check out the games aesthetics and we will have Ed chat with you about what you can do and how you can help. At Derelict Games, we do have a 2 commit policy, where by everyone that wants to work with us must commit at least 2 authorised commits to the repository (its ok, we dont bite!) before becoming a full member. Its really to stop people who arent that committed to joining up and having to rely on them to get things done. Im putting that out in the open because we do believe in openness with how we handle things. Some people may critique it, but thems the breaks. Each and every one of us has a minimum of 2 commits to our name that have been authorised by the group. And we have 2 new members (hi spirit and ghost!) one that has become a full member and the other thats on his way. Send through an email and we'll add you to our Slack where we can chat. Thanks! -Skenners
  10. Thanks! we're doing our best with what we have! -Skenners
  11. im LOVING the glass walls and floor tiles. Observation rooms and garden rooms are going to kick butt. -Skenners
  12. thanks! Sooooo much more to go. -Skenners
  13. It is! thanks for bringing that one to our attention! -Skenners
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