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    I'm a sparkly chickencat who lives under a geode. And... yeah that's about it. I don't have a lot to say here.
  1. Vella Cosplay

    Thanks, guys! And aah, thank you! The knife was just one of my brother's toys, but I was pretty proud of death ray button thing, this makes me happy.
  2. Vella Cosplay

    Thank you ^^
  3. Vella Cosplay

    Why thank you! They're a pain to walk up stairs in, but I thought they turned out pretty well.
  4. Vella Cosplay

    Finally got some decent photos of my cosplay from last September... I figured I'd actually take some now that our yard trees look sorta nice... (I also just realized that I forgot to put on the necklace, too... well whoops). And of course me staring wistfully into the distance, I guess... And a nice-looking closeup of my cloudshoes (well, mock cloudshoes, anyway. They're not very light at all and are honestly hard to walk in...) from when they still looked good:
  5. And now I have a full set...

    Thanks! That knife was pretty hard to make... In fact, the blade broke a few weeks ago, so now there's a band of hot glue there...
  6. And now I have a full set...

    Meh... I personally do, but I suppose if you were to ask someone else, they might say otherwise. I just kinda lump them all together.
  7. And now I have a full set...

    Thanks! And no, not at all--The only thing I really remember doing with her was using her to help the Space Weaver with his yarn situation...
  8. And now I have a full set...

    I made more clay silverware! They all broke at different points after this picture was taken because they're made out of that really flimsy Crayola clay, but...
  9. Big Ol' Broken Age Fanart

    There! Mr. Huggy has been added.
  10. Broken Age Stuff

    Haha, I love these!
  11. Big Ol' Broken Age Fanart

    *le gasp* It is missing Mr. Huggy... Hm... I think I have an idea, though...
  12. Big Ol' Broken Age Fanart

    I actually made this for a friend of mine... I dunno, I'm pretty proud of it--although I'm pretty sure my scanner killed some of the colors and I realized there were some weird folds in the corner of the paper. And smudginess. Eh. But I think I got most of the characters on there... I think. Anyone missing?
  13. Oh, that sounds... fun. Although, I wonder what would happen if, say a) they refused to because... reasons, or if b) the girl... physically couldn't... Although, in that case, I suppose they'd probably find a discreet way to eradicate them and just find someone new.
  14. Hm... I suppose that does make sense, yeah. So much of the death....
  15. Ok, so I thought of this a few days ago with a friend, and we haven’t been able to think of anything yet. You know how families are living in fake space inside fake monsters (probably)... What happens to the families inside the mogs after the mogs have run their course…? I mean, Shay and Alex’s both crashed due to some circumstances, but nothing is ever really said about the ones in between them that didn’t. According to Levina, the mogs return back beyond the Plague Dam after the feasts. But what happens to the families inside? I mean, do they just sorta… stay living in a lie, stored somewhere in Loruna? Or… is there a Valley of Dead Mogs somewhere, where they were rigged to crash after a certain amount of time in some horrible "accident"? Or did something… er… worse happen? If they were to return to Loruna, and, you know, not be inside the mog, they’d have to do it of free will, because otherwise people might become suspicious, right? I mean… “They sent me and my family to go find a new home, but we didn’t after 14 years and then the ship suddenly piloted us back to where we came”. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I think I’d suspect something if we were suddenly brought back to the place we left… unless there was a hidden clause about it somewhere. I dunno, just speculation I guess. Ideas?