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    Steam Group

    Thank's people for the nice replies and those who joined, I just want to spread the love for psychonauts some more. I joined Double Fine Action Clan just now, thanks for letting me know I Need to try recruit more cadets for a good old sing around the camp fire.
  2. deano

    Steam Group

    Hi again, Anyone here have Psychonauts on steam or have a steam account and would like to join my Psychonauts group? Whispering Rock In my last topic I was looking for a logo but I hope the one I use is ok. Thanks and please join and show your appreciation for Psychonauts.
  3. Hi there fellow campers. I'm sorry if I'm a bother and I did search google and this forum but couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm looking for a picture of the Whispering Rock Logo , the one that is on the lovely t-shirts. Hope someone can help and thanks in advance, take care and happy mind exploring.
  4. I had to sign up to say thanks! I purchased Psychonauts on steam the other day and I noticed a strange pop/click sound when on the Levitation device.. (using punch on it would make it more constant.) Anyway this seems to have gotten rid of it , so just wanted to say cheers. =)
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