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  1. Yes the lack of news on this game is a tad discomforting. But I'm sure the peeps at DF are working hard.
  2. How come when ever I dont come here for like a week the place seems to have exploded?
  3. Maybe there will be a character named europa.
  4. Aww...why you break the chain? But yes Page Down key=very yes.
  5. I am releasing some horrid gas right now. Just FYI.
  6. Well, should we do so-- I think a poem would be nice. Thus, when the pyramid is complete, it shall look like a stanza. Perhaps. What rhymes with Klint? Lint! Dryer lint! hey, what happened to AC? He was cool. D: Who's AC? Action Shark and his teeth of justice. That guy made me think of explosions. Actually, this whole site does. Sweet! In that case, don't you mean AS? Yes. That's what I was pondering. Lest of course- you melded to seperate identities together, such as- Action Shark and Info Cow? OMG Action Cow! That's pretty intense. Yes! Finally someone figured out zee puzzle! It was a sneaky combo of Action Shark and Info Cow. (That's like combining Mr. T with Chuck Norris). Props to masquerade! *claps* You tricky bugger you. Tee-hee! I'm so silly with my mischevious ways! I'm even misciviouser. Also, Europa is cool. Really cool. *adds misciviouser to Webster's Dictionary* I want to add words too. *Adds fantabulous to Dictionary* Europians like light. ::makes the save:: And the crowd goes wild! *Cheers and applause* Thank you, thank you! *takes a bow* Hey! Don't take masq's cheers. Hey why are you guys talking about me? Don't you know its rude to gossip? Ha. I didn't break the pyramid. You certainly did not. Any attempt to break from the pyramid shall henceforth result in immediate death. We must pay tribute to the almighty-ness of Klint. So it is said and so it is done! I can hardly believe I wasn't responsible for this pyramid in the first place! I've been seriously missing out. Quote editing is perfectly fine, provided it is used for the greater good of mankind; also, if it shall prevent me from death Hear, hear! You know, I just don't care anymore. You know? I do believe that she is upset. My god, the size of this thing is terrifiying! *hides legs from psycho dentist* He tried stealing my legs yesterday... *sobs* Loboto is crazy. Who would go to a dentist to get their brain fixed, besides Dogan? All is forgiven scarecrow. Gotta admit, an angry glare is a big improvement from contstant backstabbing. *stabs taxidermized Pikachu to make sure it doesn't come back to life somehow* I think some of the loudest thunder I have ever encountered occurred today. I wish I was at sea. :down: What are you children up to now? Everytime I look at this topic title, I can not but help think of And clicking the mouse-wheel down to do use the quick scroll-down turns this thread into a sea of nonsense. Its like an optical illusion. Now I'm dizzy. It's pretty epic in my opinion. *hides from that video* GUESS WHO'S BIRTHDAY IS NEXT TUESDAY?! OH NO IT EVOLVED AGAIN! notice anything fun about the name changes? For a fun time, find your own! For even more fun, find Bosch. It should be easy. Hey! Who's been messing with the names?
  7. How dare you question the ingenuity of the DFAF censory precaution things. Though it would be nice if they had different phrases. Pee-pee, potty, poo-poo can only be amusing for so long.
  8. I feel as if there is not enough fucking cussing on this very non-shit board. I mean for fucks sake, you gotta love how they censor fucking words like fuck, bitch, shit and maybe asshole, not sure if the censor that last one.
  9. 77. Saving Raz from falling in the basic braining level. Power is levitation kind of.
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