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  1. Ha ha, I was going to say that you had nailed Laverne's body posture and expressions down perfectly Ahhh, I know, right? I've been wanting to do Max for a while, but I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to making costumes like that. It feels like foam's going to be the way to go for the head and feet, but it'll get mad hot. I always say the most important part to cosplay is the body language and characterization, I had such a blast being at Eurogamer as Laverne, waddling around past all the Lara Crofts and such! Max is my ultimate favourite character and my spirit animal but same, I haven't worked out how to make him and do him well as I can't make him like say the big suits but there are ways to adapt it. I'm also trying to work out how to do Roger Rabbit, Rabbids and Lola Bunny so hopefully I will find a formula I can use for all 4
  2. I'd spotted that cosplay ages ago and thought it was the best Laverne I'd ever seen. Awesome work. Hope to see a bunch more entries from everybody else! Moar spaghetti hair! ahahahahaha thanks, I thought it would take years perfecting the eye and walk until I realized it came naturally ¬_¬ and now I just need to work out how to make a Max (Sam & Max) costume... p.s. AnAnemoneInAnonymity thanks!
  3. Obviously Grand Theft Auto: Full Throttle Edition
  4. Never said it didn't, there's a fair few ☺ but the pictures I posted are of me
  5. I Lave- I mean Miss Stripey Tentacle lady would like to enter my radiant human, Laverne, who is from the Supermodel species of human into the beauty contest: Everyone else might as well go home as no one is as much of a vision as my man cub.
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