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  1. My profil Steam has been attacked by Purple : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Reeedruuum/
  2. In the french subtiles, Dr Fred says : 200 years in the past and the other is stuck 2 years in the futur "Mes compteurs indiquent que le plus gros a atterri deux cents ans dans le passé... et que l'autre est coincée deux ans dans le futur" It should be : ".. et que l'autre est coincée deux cents ans dans le futur" But i think it's too late (Don't know why, but i can't use [Youtube][/Youtube])
  3. I can't wait to add Day of the Tentacle to my wish list Steam
  4. Omg that double surprise. "Back to the mansion" sounds a bit slow, no ?
  5. It looks amazing ! Soon on my wall <3
  6. I asked a friend to make this little software. It allows you to program your computer to shut down. (Don't know how to resize the screen shot. But it's not that big) When you reduce the window, it go to the system tray Day of the Shutdown : Download (Exe + VB Code Source)
  7. And the guy who gives you cigars, theyre is no sound when he is laughing
  8. Hello all, it's my first post and my English is not really good but i'll try ! One thing i want to see in the Dott remastered is a lot of achievements. - Like Grim Fandango, achievement when you finish all possible conversation with a character. - Achievements for Maniac Mansion (a lot, not just 3-4 if it's not taking too much time for DF) - Wallpapers Steam, badges, a free Oozo The Clown and a night with Laverne. - The last achievement who says you get all the Dott's achievements. for put on steam profile (/!\ SPOIL/!\ But not with the tentacle flag, i don't want to spoil my friends. End of the spoil ) My friends never played Dott. And some years ago, i asked them to promise me one thing : "When i die, you have to finish Day of the Tentacle without solution, like me when i was 12. Only by yourself, no cheat allowed, i'll see you" It was so fantastic, i want to share this with every one i love on this planet. I hope my message was not too hard to understand. Add me on Steam
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