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  1. This game's art is undeniably cute.
  2. This is fantastic. It really captures the atmosphere of the original game. That's exactly how a "REMASTERED" versions should really look.
  3. The fact that they used a screen of Broken Age proves how beautifully-drawn the game is.
  4. Ah! Much better. PS: Love the JarJar cameo. I mean I hate the character but I like those kind of silly cameos.
  5. The font per se looks good, but it would look much better (and more readable) with a black outline.
  6. Well, it looks like DoT using a 2xSaI filter. Not that I'm complaining: it looks really good.
  7. I love your style. Those are really well-made.
  8. I personally think that, once the Mogs come back to Loruna, the parents involved simply "outlive their usefulness" and the Thrush gets rid of them in a way or another. They then arrange the marriage between the young "kidnapper" and the girls he "rescued" and proceed with the "breeding" (yes, it's just as creepy as it sounds).
  9. SteDL89

    Broken Age Stuff

    Long story short, I love Broken Age. Despite its reputation, I think that the Internet needs to chill because it's a pretty good game. Fell in love with its characters and story. Its ending, however, I felt it was a bit too rushed and anti-climatic. Which is a shame, because I love the world DF created. So, naturally, the most logical thing to do was ruining this beautifully art-styled game with a couple of horrid, silly fanarts drawn by me. Those pics take place after the canon events of the game. I'll also put a link to my Tumblr posts, because of reasons. From the Tumblr post: First of all, Vella and Shay. Where to begin. They're (mostly) calm in the game, but I headcanon (yes, I use this term) them as the typical (and cartoon-ish) Savvy Guy - Energetic Girl duo. I think these two would have had a beautiful comedic chemistry in the game. The perfect voice acting on them also helped. ------------------ Another picture of Vella and Shay acting out of character. This is actually a pic drawn for "draw your OTP" tag on Tumblr. Yes, I'm that trash. It's quite hard for me to correctly emulate the beautiful painted art-style of the game, so I'm going for a more cartoon-ish look on them. ------------------ From the Tumblr post: I'll probably work on more pics soon. So, beware. The trash is not over.
  10. As a person who grew up with Schafer and Gilbert's classic point-and-clicks, I must say that I was really impressed by Broken Age. First of all, I remember seeing the original Kickstarter pitch video back in 2012 (I think), but -shame on me!- somehow forgot about it, despite the hype. I only recently literally remembered that this games was supposed to exist in the first place and finally played it on my PS4 this October. It took me very few seconds to fall in love. I was completely blown away by the art style, combined with the amazing music in the very first scene(s) and the voice acting. Keep in mind that I knew embarrassingly nothing about this game and its plot, so it was a really beautiful surprise. While it somehow didn't really feel as irreverent as Schafer's previous works, Broken Age immediately got me hooked and I really appreciated its fairytale-ish atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, I think Act 1 did a tremendous job at setting up the entire game's Universe (or at least part of it) and mood; there was a lot of build up and tension, climaxing in the jaw-dropping (for me) cliffhanger. This is where the bad-ish stuff comes though. Plot-wise, Act 1 was clearly setting up for something bigger than what we got in Act 2. Don't get me wrong: the second part of the game was really fun and challenging, but from a narrative point of view, it kinda felt rushed, if not unfinished. I was really looking forward for Vella and Shay to finally meet or at least speak to each other (they had a lot of "buddy comedy" potential; the top-notch voice acting also helped). Even more than that, Act 1 had the two Dead Eye guards giving a (relatively) long exposition regarding the whole Dead Eye God myth, going as far as talking about actual doomsday predictions; I believe they even mentioned something like "The Battle of Volgentor" -the supposedly final battle between humans and mogs. While I did really enjoy the twist that it was all a misunderstanding caused by Alex and his own "spaceship", the whole exposition, while silly and played for laugh, clearly looked like a poorly-disguised foreshadowing for something that was yet to happen (so I was kinda expecting the "All Myths Are True" trope to come into play as a double plot twist). And I actually think that this 'something' was indeed originally planned, but due to the well-known troubled production of the game, most of this was possibly scrapped to wrap things up in the climax of Act 2. As somebody wrote before me, the "fourth-wall breaking" wiring puzzle (one of the final ones) was probably going to be explained with this supposed "connection" that Vella and Shay seem to have, as also pointed out by both Marek and the Thrushmaster. In the end, it came off just as a really tough puzzle, not that this is bad or anything. The ending also felt a bit anti-climatic, albeit fittingly fairytale-ish, but as I said, that's mostly because I was expecting a bit of on-screen chemistry between Vella and Shay to happen (I eagerly played through the final act hoping to make these two meet, to be honest). Despite all of these nitpicks, I absolutely loved the game overall, its characters and story. I'll never stop hoping for a third Act, even though it's not going to happen. Call me a fan. As in "guy that actually draws post-game fan-arts on Tumblr" fan. Yes, that kind of fan. TL;DR: Loved Broken Age. Not as great as Schafer's previous works, but a really solid point-and-click adventure. Some narrative flaws, but still a really fun game. Maybe there wasn't enough foreshadowing/hints about it, but it didn't feel like a "plot-hole" to me. I think it was indeed planned from the beginning, as (I presume, looking at the making-of-videos on the DF YouTube channel) Schafer probably already had most of Act 2 figured out halfway through the production of Act 1.
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