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  1. I'm rather shocked by some of the opinions in this thread. I'm thrilled that Asif got selected for AF. The Gods must be Hungry was a fantastic pitch and the final product (from the little bits I've seen) looks outstanding! So to say that some would rather he had not been up for selection for the sake of the AF episodes being available on time sounds ludicrous to me. Sure, I was a little disappointed when I started to sense that there were some disruptions to the schedule, but that's life; stuff happens, things don't go according to plan, people adapt. I'd much rather wait for ALL of the episodes to be made available after the fortnight is over. Perhaps that's not a popular opinion, but I watched 2012 and 2014 after the fact, and still find them to be just as fun and educational. And that's a testimony to the quality of 2PP's work. So these are my suggestions: 2PP members should NOT be banned from submitting pitches. Instead, increase forum/social media interaction for the duration of AF. Consider producing the episodes for upload a week or two after AF is over so everyone involved can have some breathing room! (Then keep making dvd sets so I can buy them...)
  2. Aww! Poor little fella! I'm so excited to try the prototype, though I'm secretly hoping KILN will end up as a fully fledged PSN title in the future. Fantastic job everyone!
  3. Kiln was one of my picks, so I was really happy to see it got through. The concept reminded me of something eccentric that you'd see from the PS2 era. Good luck Derek!
  4. I agree! I'm sure the pitches that seem more complex will be properly handled by their leaders if they are selected. Haha! Yay! I saw this message just as I logged in to vote, thanks for the heads up.
  5. I've narrowed it down to 6..ish, but now I'm struggling! Some of my favourites look as though they could be prototyped fairly well during two weeks. Others that have caught my eye seem like they would need a longer period of time to deliver a fleshed-out proof of concept, but I guess that's the fun of it! It's going to be interesting to see which pitches are selected by Tim and the team.
  6. So happy to see this pop up in my email this morning, what a surprise! At the beginning of January I injured both of my elbows which has left me temporarily unable to work (or play videogames...) and these videos have helped to fill the void, so to speak. So thanks Double Fine and 2 Player Productions for keeping me entertained.
  7. I've never seen the Double Fine streams before, but decided to sit in on the countdown last night, it was a lot of fun. And I'm glad the funding went a little over 100%. Very well deserved!
  8. Haha! This is exciting! There are now just over 20,000 backers as well. I'm going to go ahead and assume that maybe they'll reach 100% this evening or later today, depending on where you are on the planet.
  9. Christmas plus Star Wars Mania! I think Double Fine's campaign has done remarkably well considering the month they decided to launch in.
  10. Nice collection (and video) Darth! And high fives for mentioning Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Super Mario Sunshine. I had never played Sunshine until this year and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm not too familiar with Mario's other 3D games, so maybe this isn't different from Super Mario 64, but I like how the levels have various objectives that unlock as you complete them? I thought it was a clever way to reuse a smaller number of well-designed environments by having the player return to them several times. Though they wouldn't have gotten away with that if the levels were boring. Maybe some people do find it too repetitive, but I thought they were fun to run about in, Especially Pinna Park. I really liked the designs and animations of all of the little rides and so on! They made the area feel lively.
  11. I also have fond memories of Jak and Daxter, got that as a Christmas Present with a PS2 back in 2001! Because it was my first experience with the PS2, I was blown away by the apparent size of the game due to the seamless worlds. I thought it was a coolest thing ever that I could run to different locations rather than have to wait for the loading screens. Plus, it was really fun to swim and bob around in the water. I think I collected all of the orbs originally and swore I'd never do it again. But lo and behold, when the HD version was released I ended up getting 100% again. If a Platformer or a Hybird Action-Adventure has fun mechanics, then I tend to not mind "collectathons".
  12. I was pleasantly surprised by Okami too! I had missed it during my youth and had a lot of fun with the HD version on the PS3. Same goes with Beyond Good and Evil actually, I was just a little disappointed with the length of that game. It was like a little taster of something that deserved to me much larger. Team ICO's games belong on the list, obviously. I have a soft spot for Medievil 2 and Ape Escape. Though I think Medievil is more of the "action-adventure" mix, whereas Ape Escape is more of the standard Platformer. Guerrilla Cambridge went from making Medievil onto making a PS2 game called Primal, that was also labeled as an Action Adventure. From memory, it was quite rigid and buggy. But I do remember enjoying being able to switch between the two main characters to navigate through the environments by completing puzzles. (despite often falling through the floors, the walls...)
  13. Hooray! Good job 2PP. I've always liked the screen layouts and graphics for the Dev's Plays, these are little details that really enhance the viewing experience.
  14. I agree with you completely and understand. There's dozens of reasons why people may not want to do the extra missions. If anyone wants to post support we should all just take a little liberty with the "Love Confessions" mission like Abroxus said: I like the icons you made EMarley! Especially the green Raz one on the orange background.
  15. Same here! I have to make time to play this at least once a year. I don't know whether it's the power of nostalgia, the design, or both. But something about this game inflamed my imagination when I was a child and as an adult, it always makes me feel mellow and happy. That, and Stuart Copeland's score is really memorable too.
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