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  1. Just wanted to firstly say that the remaster is just sheer joy! People new to the game are going to love it and the old fans will get a huge kick out of it... whilst playing through the game again, I kept thinking this game could so easily translate to other formats and transition really easily into it's own cartoon, tv show etc.. Imagine Tim Burton making a film based on Day of the Tentacle and Mansion... It's also the kind of game that could easily transition into a sequel ...even using ideas from MM and new characters..etc.. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say.. I also wanted to talk about merchandise... I'd totally be up for buying the DOTT t-shirt and coffee mug, phone case....etc....lol..
  2. I really like the new fonts It's also more user friendly, it's all really well done..
  3. I like the new audio. It's more filled out and sounds nice!!!
  4. I kind of like the new sound effects ... If I get annoyed I can always pop on the classic version of the game.. Now there are two versions of the game
  5. Playing it now, it's superb, glorious, wonderful, amazing...I'm running out of superlatives to use here..
  6. Steam page says 23 March now..
  7. Perhaps wait to play the game before worrying or judging just yet...the reviewers all seem very pleased with the remaster.. Remember that you get the remaster, the original and maniac mansion all in one package..
  8. yayyayayayayay!!! I really enjoyed it..
  9. So it looks like the release date is the 22nd of March ..
  10. Yes a lot of people will be happy that it's on steam!!!
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