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  1. Such a shame :_( And also the new iOS version will leave many DF games unplayable. Fortunately we have Thimbleweed Park. Speaking of which, I read in Ron Gilbert's last post that "Android testing is much more complex". And it's true. I think it's about time for Google to make some "gaming certification" for Android devices, so you can classify all devices' gaming capabilities from, let's say, 0 to 5. That way, as a developer you only need to get a device of each "level" instead of dozens of devices. The problem is that the qualifying process would change over time, so another system should be invented. Something for me to think about this weekend
  2. Will this one be released on Android? Although I'd much rather play Day of the tentacle remastered on my Nvidia Shield tablet
  3. I wish they had released it for Android. It's one of the games I've wanted to play the most on a tablet. At least Thimbleweed Park will be on Android
  4. :_( It's a shame that such a great platform (well, tablets in general, not just Android) can't receive more point n click game because of sales. The tablets videogame market is crazy. I also wonder why people buy more games on iOS than on Android. Thanks, by the way!
  5. Hi! I just saw DOTT is available on iOS since July. When will Android users get some love?
  6. Cool! Will it come to Android as well?
  7. Oh, I didn't know it was confirmed for iOS. Then an Android version is even more expectable I didn't know neither about Thimbleweed nor Night of the meteor! Thimbleweed is nice, but... Well, graphics and interface evolved a lot since Maniac Mansion... Anyway, it's good to see Ron back on business And Night of the meteor looks interesting, but I see it hasn't been updated since almost a year. Thanks for the info! How lovely it would be if touch interfaces brought another golden age of point'n'click games EDIT: didn't see Flesk's post. Dropsy looks awesome! Thank you
  8. Sorry, I didn't say I knew Broken Age, Grim Fandango (I have both for PC) and some other games like that were already available for Android. I meant I'd love having more like this new DOTT Remastered (which I expect to be released for Android like Grim Fandango was, although it was announced only for PC and PlayStation in the beginning), or PC's Deponia trilogy. Fran Bow looks really interesting (I played the demo), and from that article (thanks, by the way) I liked Yesterday and Machinarium. I already played Machinarium on my old iMac, but I'd love playing it again; such a masterpiece! I don't really like Telltale's games style, although I've heard they're great. And Fester Mudd or Simon the sorcerer... I mean, they're cool, but I'd rather have "modern" point and click games, in terms of graphics and interface. That's why I celebrate the comeback of DOTT and wish for an Android release. The plot was amazing, and this new interface looks really cool for tablets. I could play hundreds of games like DOTT Remastered, just with different stories. I'd also love a Sam & Max Hit the road Remaster. I've seen Full throttle is on the way for 2017, so I hope 2018 is Sam & Max's return year. The "problem" is that, while I love DOTT, when I replay them I won't have that thrill of discovering the path to the end step by step. I already know what's gonna happen and how to progress on every puzzle. I'll replay it just for replaying it in HD, and to support future remasters. But what I'd really love is new games in that Lucas Arts style. Broken Age was really cool, although the second part plot was a little let down for me. DOTT's plot was just perfect. I really hope that by supporting Grim Fandango and DOTT remasters, more games like those are released for Android. It's like Lemmings. Is there a better platform for playing Lemmings than a 8-10 inch touch interface? What is Sony waiting for?
  9. My wish: please release it for Android. I'm getting it for PC for sure, but playing this on my 10 inch tablet would be awesome. Actually, I'm amazed that there aren't lots of point and click games like DOTT, Broken Age, etc, on Android. For me, touch controls are the best for this kind of games.
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