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  1. THIS came out today! i'm losin' my mind! also, dat release date. february 21st! i know there'll probably be a post about this but still.
  2. YAY, Q&A! will there be multiple ways to solve certain puzzles, or will they all be pretty linear? also, in the same way that RoR starts just after PN1 ends, does PN2 start just after RoR ends? ... though that might be a spoiler. also, if i stand up and start running across the room and like into a bookshelf, will raz move too even though he's not supposed to? i'm really excited for the game! really gives me an excuse to get off my butt and start racking up the bucks for a ps4 i mean psychonauts vr machine
  3. oh, i know about the quarterly schedule! that's why i was wondering aloud, because the one announcement was a little late because of SEC stuff.
  4. will the next update be this month, i wonder, or in january? i am officially jonesing for more psychonauts content!
  5. i dunno if this is the right thread for this, but check out the NEW RHOMBUS OF RUIN FOOTAGE! there's like four seconds of it but it looks amazing!! EDIT: BETTER!
  6. being the nerd i am, i too asked on twitter. DF responded that there is an update coming soon! that was a week ago, so we're closing in. my guess is the tenth, since the last one was on the tenth and i think these are quarterly.