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  1. Can we have a digital copy of Tim's notebook from the original Full Throttle?
  2. Music

    Can we somehow make it up to the band?
  3. Nitpicker's Corner

    To be honest I hope dubble fine could turn the in game screen saver into something windows could use
  4. Fan Beta Testers

    If I can help I want too
  5. extended intro

    your completely right so is there a way to setup the story (locaion,time,date and ect) that does not break the flow?
  6. extended intro

    can we have a new extened intro where Father torq explains how the pol cats started and the names of the members maybe the backstory, then go right into the section with ben talking about the smell of the road? thoughts on this?
  7. preorder

    when can we give you guys money?
  8. Full Throttle Remastered Wish List Features

    here is my wish list: -different endings (bunny, one for the cotton shirt, a ending with father torq and the rest of the pole cats driving off at the end) -deeper access to the cry fish base -access to the 2nd floor of the kick stand -photos in office of corley motors
  9. it unpacks some of the compressed files and creates a known file and folders that the game then uses to play it also configures the game for the sound card and setups the boot files.
  10. screen saver

    can we have a windows screen saver?