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  1. Wow. very impressive. You even retextured (or edited the materials of) units that didn't have Lyonwhite counterparts (in which case, I would have just used the Alternate colors of Ironheade lol, that's what I did in my Emperor Riggs mod for enemy Lyonwhite lol) I once thought about doing a playable Lyonwhite faction but didn't go through with it as Lyonwhite's avatar was unfinished (lack of combo attacks and no cooldown on screams). Gonna have to share this on the discord (just found out the old invite link posted was expired so here's a new one if you want to join it): discord.gg/Bxhwqrj
  2. If they haven't made a single mod since the game has come out, I doubt they would start now. Although, the modding tools have remained under the radar for quite a long time, I still doubt they will because it's an old game not many people care about at this point. I mean, I've done a lot of Multiplayer videos over the last 2 years, and made a few mods, but I doubt even as many as 10 people actually used any of them (not counting friends) Also, there already is a trainer for Brutal Legend, I use it for quicker testing. https://mrantifun.net/index.php?threads/brutal-legend-trainer.133/
  3. I was wondering. In one of the Brutal Legend anniversary videos where you played MP battles with dudes, you mentioned the Motorfreaks faction and how you did battles against them (playable state), with them being untextured/unpolished? Any chance of sharing that build of the game where they are playable/required files? Is Lyonwhite also more complete in your never released dev version? I noticed that he doesn't have any advanced combat moves or any actual solos to play (just insta battlecry/facemelter/fan solo and no microphone cooldown). I made him playable with mods, but sadly, Fletus couldn't be, he and his freaks are the only things missing
  4. That could be done, might do it one day.
  5. Get a PS3 or PC if you don't have one of them already, and play on there, there's still dudes who play https://www.facebook.com/groups/104135939963997/ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/BLMPC#announcements
  6. I totally forgot about this site. Anyways, a couple months ago someone gave me a link to Double Fine Tool which pretty much opened up the world of modding, and in the meantime, I did a couple of dope ass mods with it. Link to basic guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135737120 Video of latest project:
  7. Yeah, those were already known about (but I've never seen that artwork). The actual faction name is Motorfreaks afaik. They look the most badass of all the factions, it's a shame they had to be cut. They would have been nice at least for a Multiplayer update.
  8. Could you try and find the piece of game code that decides which faction color is picked for a multiplayer battle with another faction. To explain: All three factions have 2 different color sets (3 if you count Campaign I guess but they're not important), one labeled as _pri (Primary), and the other as _alt (Secondary/Alternate). For IronheadE primary is Red, alternate is Blue, for Drowning Doom primary is Blue, alternate is Yellow, and for The Tainted Coil, primary is Pink, alternate is Green. Normally, in non-mirror matches, the primary color set is always used for both factions, with the only exception being an IronheadE vs Tainted Coil match, in which case The Tainted Coil is given the alternate color scheme (Green). I want to use the Tainted Coil's primary color set (which I recolored to be just like Campaign Coil because Pink is awful) in a battle against IronheadE. I've looked for this before myself but couldn't find anything even remotely referencing this. Plus, it would be nice to be able to play as Blue IronheadE or Yellow Doom as well in AI Practice without having to do outfit and or material switches for every unit/building/etc... In the beta, in an IronheadE vs Tainted Coil match, Tainted Coil did use it's primary color set, so there must be some sort of switch/option for this type of thing.
  9. Instead of creating a new thread, I thought I'd just revive this instead: Patrick Mollohan found a tool that lets you properly mess with the game's files without any limitations (except maybe trying to make the packages bigger than they already are), so I wrote a quick guide on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1135737120
  10. You should separate the Multiplayer aspect of the game into a standalone, free to play title. Pretty much 99.99% of the people who buy Brutal Legend only do it for the Singleplayer and never touch the Multiplayer for whatever weird reason (because they think they would never find anyone? and hence the damn snowball effect of nobody ever bothering except for stupid achievements). It could bring the Multiplayer back to life, and maybe even help sell the game itself (Singleplayer portion). It just makes me sad to see that very little people want to play the amazing Multiplayer mode. Imagine all of this on a daily basis (as of recently, PC activity has gone down to 0 players, and PS3 activity to 2 players, X360 unknown, most likely 0): A nice 33 video playlist with all of it starting at April of the last year: Edit: 3 active players on PC and PS3 right now*
  11. Be sure to do some multiplayer matches vs your friend, or if I'm online when you're doing it, team up with your friend against me for a 2v1 battle!
  12. Tbh I only wish we had the ability to edit file packs (or unpack and repack) so that we can do mods. A lot of the scripts are written in .lua, which is very convenient. The fact that we can't do anything to them, is not
  13. Just give me an alternate universe Tainted Coil campaign where we crush Eddie Riggs Oh, and letting us choose team color in Multiplayer (I want to be Black & Red Doviculus in MP, not Green or Pink!)
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