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  1. [YT] YYEsPRkYFcQ [/YT] https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=YYEsPRkYFcQ I don't know... it's all too hard. Here is a new Psychonauts 2 - 2 Player Productions labour of love. If someone wants to help me get it embedded in this forum post that would be awesome cakes. There used to be a handy way to do this.... https://youtu.be/YYEsPRkYFcQ Ok Thanks EMarley!
  2. With Spaff’s cultured accent being a part of the DF tapestry now, it’s less of a stretch now to my mind anyway. But yes, still quite stretchy.
  3. I dedicate this offering to the deities of this forum and of course to the rest of the hierarchy (big grovels to the Secret Lovers of Tim) and especially I dedicate this offering to the great success of Psychonauts 2, Double Fine and 2 Player Productions! Oh, and I dig nmalinoski’s idea above! FCzB_OozzKo 1280 X 720 here:
  4. In GTA3 I put a car and truck tractor together to get up high enough to jump over a wall in an out of the way, enclosed car park and on the other side I found this sign. This has stuck with me as one of my favourite gaming memories. Fred’s girlfriend easter egg was very cool too of course, but the fact that I saw something that I thought I could maybe do which I “wasn’t supposed to” and then I worked it out and found that sign was a stroke of genius. It made me feel at the time like I was getting to see something that the dev put there just in case someone worked out how to do it but they didn’t expect anyone to actually be there. Of course they knew millions of gamers would be crawling all over that city looking at every nook and cranny but at the time it felt like seeing something I wasn’t actually supposed to see. Maybe there could be a common concept “easter egg” in various hidden parts of Psychonauts 2 that suggests something deeper and connected. There was certainly a lot of infinite emptiness in areas you aren’t supposed to be able to get to in Psychonauts 1 judging by the banter in the DFTV Psychonauts speed run! Zen infinite emptiness is very deep and connected but a little subtle perhaps!
  5. 2PP did the short Psy2 art jam a month ago so I just assumed they'd be doing the doco too. Sounds like Zak the new lead designer had a mic thrust upon him pretty quickly so it's in the works. He has the right moustache for a lead. Tally-ho what.
  6. DFA was awesome. Is there any news or thoughts on when the first episode of the 2 Player Productions - Psychonauts 2 doco will be available for all to see?
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