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  1. The game is dead ?

    Very well, I believe it is as you say . The problem , in my opinion , is that of steam announcement is quite unambiguous , however no problem , thank you for giving me the answer I was looking for . I can now advertise the game in the best way , good game at all !
  2. The game is dead ?

    I fear that I have not explained well. I came to know about this game when it was still in development and I bought it without too much thought, because I really liked the concept and what was promised by the developers . When the game was released, they have also promised to users , and I quote THEIR WORDS*: ... "the team being very much heads down finishing up the game, and the publishing team launching Broken Age and Grim Fandango mobile recently, this is a key reason for the recent quietness on our end! We promise not to shut up for a while now though."... These words suggest what? That the game is over and will not do anything , or they will continue to follow the game with future announcements ? The promise is very clear, for me. Instead , in the following month it has done only 2 little patchs of bugfixes ( 1.01 and 1.04 ). And it is for that reason that I am asking if the game is dead , and therefore will no longer be upgraded and there are no expansions or dlc , or if I was just missing something and instead were continuing to work on it. Having said that , I repeat , I love this game and are glad I bought , but before recommending it to friends I want to be sure of what I say , that " this is the game and there will be nothing new in the coming months " or " also expected future expansion ". Only this *You can found this word on the news of this game on steam, in the launch date announcement of 14/05/2015
  3. The game is dead ?

    Goodmorning everyone. I state that it is not my intention to make any kind of controversy , I have a very clear question to ask : The game is dead? If I ask this question it is because in STEAM ( where I purchased the game ) excluding the news of the various discounts there is no trace of updates or news from developers from Patch Notes of June 25, 2015. I would not recommend to my friends to purchase a title already dead and so no upgrades or expansions , so before doing so I wanted to know if there was something planned for the future or if it is considered an archived project. Thanks for your attention