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  1. I love this thought-provoking discussion! However, I think one could stretch the empirical view a little to allow for lingering in someone else's mind after the death of one's own body if a) We presume that the act of psychic transference is an act of copying a part of one's mind into another brain, sort of like what has been suggested of a Star Trek transporter: > or b) Being in someone's mind leaves a unavoidable physical footprint... the whole observer-changes-the-observed phenomena often discussed in quantum mechanics. Considering the fact that Raz is always changing things inside of other people's minds as he passes through them, its also possible to argue that he is leaving a piece of himself behind through the changes he is incurring. If so, if his brain died, a least a shadow of him would persist in the minds he has visited.
  2. Hello there! Bit of a lurker myself :P, standing in awe of Double Fine at a distance. (I'd like to start making more regular appearances, though.) I'm also a digital artist with a passion for game development... particularly creative indie projects! Of course working at Double Fine would be AMAZING. But in the mean time, I'll keep enjoying the games they make!
  3. Psychonauts 2 Devsplanation - Finding the Look

    The final result looks awesome! Thanks for the insights into the process. Makes sense!
  4. Introduce Yourself

    Hello! I'm a long time lurker too, because I'm just creepy like that. Or bashful. Anyway, I love Double Fine and its excellent games. Like many here, no doubt, I've been hooked since the original Psychonauts. Proud to be a fan. Even if a quiet one. These games have really enriched my life and brought a smile to my face.
  5. Day of the Devs 2016

    Thank you for this information and your speedy response... I'm excited to hear it will be every day! (And I'm also glad I didn't ask a question that's already been posted... its so embarrassing when that happens!)
  6. Day of the Devs 2016

    Hello! I'm looking forward to GDC this year... and a taste of Day of the Devs! Sorry if this has been covered in a previous post. I did a search for Day of the Devs 2016, and strangely, nothing comes up. Just wondering if the GDC event is for one day only (if so, which day?), or all week? Thanks, and feel free to link me to a previous thread or announcement.