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  1. Neat. I have the original Catz and realized they were made out of circles and stuff, but never knew that they were hacked, hehe.
  2. Heyo 'tatoes (potatoes) I've been working on platformer-y stuff lately, and I have an initial demo out of a game I've been working on -- it's still very rough, but gets the job done. I made it in C++ with Allegro. It's sort of a slow platformer where you search for an orb that opens the level's door, and you also kill the "splodeybugs" on the way by aiming with your mouse and lazoring them. Let me know what you guys think, and what I could do to polish it up more, or if you find any bugs? Screenies: (I don't remember if there was an image insertion tag on this board) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/kadotuksenLusikka/screenieLenxion0.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/kadotuksenLusikka/screenieLenxion1.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/kadotuksenLusikka/screenieLenxion2.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v405/kadotuksenLusikka/screenieLenxion3.png It can be downloaded here: http://moosader.deviantart.com/art/Lenxion-C-Game-87601591
  3. Wow. This thread is a bit old so I don't remember who you're responding to, but I think s/he's in the minority if they hate portal. Oh wait, that's probably my friend VertZer0 (I forget what he's called on DF). I forgot he hated portal, heh. Recent platformer discoveries for me! * Draglade (DS) is sort of a 2d platformer RPG beat 'em up fighter. (literally has sections where you fight 1v1 like street fighter, and has sections where it's like final fight, only platformery) All I can think of right now. dange-- Haven't played Tomb Raider yet... Actually, even though my dad owned copies of the old ones, I never played any of them ( because I was a scared little girl ;-; )
  4. I just took the quote to mean "Zombies have vacant stares. These Africans are zombies". It doesn't seem to imply at all "Africans have no humanity". There's obviously something wrong with them if they have those face mutilating things coming out of their mouths. If anything, he's being bias towards zombies.
  5. How about original HD gametrailers link, kthx? http://www.gametrailers.com/gametrailerstv_player.php?ep=18&starttime=646 Basically: It looks like Resident Evil 4 to me (esp after seeing the masked chainsaw guy). But instead of killing tons of spanish-speaking Latino people (totally OK), it's Africans (obviously more racist). I'm not saying either of the games aren't racist, and I'm not saying they are. I'm just saying, way to go with consistency, people who accuse this one of being racist.
  6. My parents bought my sister a PS3, so as long as I live here I can play Brütal Legend when it comes out. =P
  7. On Steam I'm LusikkaMage. I has all the iD games (that are available), as well as the Orange Box, and TrackMania United. I don't think I'll have any online Wii games until March 9th (Smash Bros). If anyone has Dungeon Explorer for the DS my friend code is "219171 016470"~ And for Draglade it's "214876 049542"
  8. Demos are good. That's how I found out that buying Psychonauts for PC originally wasn't good for me, because my old old video card had no shader support, woo. Just thought I'd comment on the platformer stuffs-- I think Rayman 2 is much harder than Jak and Daxter, which I enjoyed quite a bit (then again, I bought Rayman 2 for the DS, but it still seems a bit unforgiving). Jak 2 IS really hard, I'm stuck at 85% through the game. Jak 3 is pretty hard as well, pretty much a turn-off towards the series (and yet I have the three main games in it?). Beyond Good and Evil is also a good platformer, which others suggested.
  9. I has its, though I prefer fire emblem. I also have Draglade, which I'd like to play online if anyone has it. o_o I really like it, it's a fighter-beat 'em up-platformer-RPG type deal.
  10. My boyfriend got it yesterday ( and played it without me! ;-; ) and says it's fun, but he says it feels a bit unfinished because you can't run over pedestrians and when you run into a car (on your motorcycle) you just bounce back. Well, also because of the buildings you can't go in or whatever look flat textured. He thinks they should have spent six more months polishing it up more.
  11. Mozarella stick. I put in the mozarella stick into the machine and out comes...
  12. hobo. I put the hobo into the vending machine and out comes a...
  13. The DF front page article about DeathSpank is cute.
  14. http://grumpygamer.com/ Yesterday mista Gilbert announced that he finally found a publisher for his new episodic Adventure-RPG-esque game, "DeathSpank", which his first episode being "Orphans of Justice". I'm pretty excited! Now I can look forward to Brütal Legend AND DeathSpank (though no idea when DS is supposed to be done)
  15. I used to play Picross (on DS) or Sudoku before bed. Then my little sister started using my cartridge to play it when she went to bed. >.>;
  16. College starts back up this Monday for me. Then I'll have lots of homework. And Davinq -- you have Japanese homework in highschool? o_O;
  17. Yeah, having an instruction screen would be a good idea. Danke. In Cow Tippin, the cow you click plus the eight surrounding cows (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, etc...) all tip over. Once all the cows are tipped, whoever ended up tipping the most over wins.
  18. Hello my fellow tuna sandwiches... I have a favor to ask of anyone who has time (since none of my friends do): For the past month or so I've been working on a few games for a 5 year old girl and her 9 year old brother (consequently, as a Christmas gift, but, alas, bugs and lethargy kept me from getting it done in time). I'm burning said games to a CD so before I actually do that I want to make sure I have as many bugs as possible out of it, and also would like some suggestions on how to polish up the games and make them better. They're all pretty basic. Natalie doesn't have very strong reading skills or motor skills, so games like Shopping Mall really don't have much point to them except going around to different stores and changing clothes/hair/etc. Daphne in Space wasn't even really developed for her or her brother, I might replace with a fixed up version of one of my old games. I just wanted six games on the disk and right now it's sort of filling space. And like it says on the DA description, just point out any bugs or awkward things in the game, or something that could be improved. Download from: http://kadotuksen-lusikka.deviantart.com/art/Beta-Testers-Needed-73348933 Games in zip file: * Cow Tipping - two player puzzle board-game * Dance Floor - very basic game where pressing buttons just changes the dancer's pose * Daphne in Space - shmup * Picture Blocks - picross clone, except with no penalty for guessing wrong * Quix Attax - four-player fighting game * Shopping Mall Source code for shopping mall, picture blocks, and dance floor will be available later on. Quix Attax, Cow Tippin and Daphne in Space are already on my DA site.
  19. Time to decide what you're going to resolve to do (besides "make more people play/buy Psychonauts")! I think I'm going to resolve to learn OpenGL, and/or make a certain amount of games in 2008. And also get a job. o.0;
  20. LusikkaMage


    I love how random people register and don't even take the time to acquaint themselves with the board, members, or past threads. Should there be a sequel-- You're on a forum full of Psychonauts fans, I don't think any of us would be saddened to hear Psychonauts 2 be announced. (/meanie)
  21. When you hit purchase and click the "yes, it's a gift" check box, it'll have a list of your friends and say "already owns this game" if they have it already.
  22. I just checked Psychonauts in the Steam store today and it's currently $9.95, and you can also give games to other people with steam accounts now. Yes, very late considering Christmas was three days ago but I tend to give... belated gifts... So I think I'll do that now. 3.3
  23. I also miss the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. And Family Guy, I suppose, but I watch those more at random so there are still old episodes I haven't seen.
  24. "Cannot load AngleC.cox" I downloaded the file myself but having it in the folder does nothing. Do you mind me asking what programming language you use for your games?
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