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  1. thanks for all of the help you guys. this was really helpful! i know that i cant just start out directing games but to start at the bottom. what i want to know is are concept artists for games full time?
  2. I am a sophomore in high school and I'm not sure what to do for college. recently i realized i would like to make video games, but i don't know were to start. at first i thought i would just make concept art for games, creating characters and landscapes that bring games to life. but i discovered that i would also like to take part in the story of the game and the characters and designing game-play. i want to create an entire experience for others to enjoy not just a small piece of one like, how Tim Schafer imagines these amazing games and makes them a reality. but i have no idea what direction i should take in high school, or what to do in college to get to a place like that. so what i want to know is does anyone know how Tim Schafer got there? I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this. i have absolutely no idea were to find help. anything is appreciated.
  3. but is it just something about the rights to the book or does the publishing company refuse to do it or they keep pushing it back? i dont see why they dont try a hundred different publishers and whoever will do it is the one they work with. i want this book so bad.
  4. seriosly? damnit. do they have any idea when a release is possible? whats the problem exactly?
  5. i pre-ordered the art book a few months ago on amazon and when i confirmed my order i was still waiting months after it came out to be in stock. and it isnt in the double fine store (at least i dont think it is) so is it available anywhere? in stock?
  6. brutal legend. i liked phsyconauts, and i mean ALLOT it. but the vvorld of brutal legend is just something i really LOVED. its too bed though. so far theres no sign of any single player dlc ever coming out.
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