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  1. Okay, so. Some of you know I'm in occasional contact with Keith Karloff. It's no big deal, all you have to do is look him up on FB; he's a friendly guy. But this latest correspondence was completely out of the blue and unexpected. Small world, I guess, thanks to the internet. Note the first comment at the bottom of my video.....
  2. Oh, wow, I cannot WAIT to hear that!!!
  3. Cavefish: It pleases me that you enjoy it. There are people in my life who try to make me feel stupid for the time I put into my projects. People like you make it well worth the hassle.
  4. I have mentioned before that I occasionally share his comments with the community. He's mostly excited about the project, as he was always a fan of Shafer's end product. All screenshots but the last were from comments made publicly so there's no betrayal of confidence there. I like his music (as we all do) and he is a very great guy (he gave me full permission to remix the tracks from the Bone To Pick album for use in my game-movie on YouTube). I just want him to have a voice here, and I thought us fans might enjoy hearing from the man himself on topics dear to us.
  5. I think you guys have cleared some things up for me, thanks! I have cut the original game into a cinematic experience (available for viewing on YouTube; I like to think mine has the most work put into it and isn't a glorified walkthrough). Was I aware of the gunshot ladder animation, I would have included it in the climactic finale (I know, it's from the gas tower, but it would have kept appropriate tension if placed between the ladder climb and the control panel in the Vulture hideout). I may keep this in mind, as I plan to cut another one just like it when the remaster drops.
  6. I thought I heard a line of audio that was new, and that shot of Ben looking up the ladder in the rolling-Vulture-hideout while Ripburger's bullets ripped up the wall around him. I never got that sequence in any of my playthroughs.
  7. That's a fantastic idea. I hope they can work it out! I might even mention it to Kieth; I believe he and Tim are still in touch.
  8. I dunno about the soundtrack as a bonus, guys. Keith Karloff lost a lot of money and sales due to LucasArts %#$@&!ing him over (we're in contact occasionally). If you like the music, order the album. I still have mine from the 90s. The album is Bone To Pick, and I'm sure it's plenty cheap by now. personally, I'd like to see a Ben figurine, although a little naked Tim would also be pretty cool.
  9. Am I to understand the remaster will include audio and animation not included in the original release? I noticed some unfamiliar elements in the trailer.
  10. Yes; I want in on this. I've completed the game at least 15 times, and spent months recording and cutting together a cinematic cut of the game. i feel confident I know this game well enough to beta-test should this become a thing.
  11. Here's the latest from Kieth on the subject.
  12. You're right, perhaps I should have asked him first.
  13. I agree totally, but I felt Kieth's opinion should at least be voiced, since a forum to do so has been established. I doubt they would, anyway.
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