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  1. Nitpicker's Corner

    Found another one at the end of the game. When Ben escapes the plane before it falls into the gorge, there is supposed to be a quick shot of Ben on his Motorcycle escaping the flames. That detail is missing in the remastered version. The second to last action shot in the whole game is now a visual continuity error.
  2. Nitpicker's Corner

    There's another thing that's missing in the remastered. On the bottom picture where Ben is squatting on Ripburger's truck, note the pipe you're supposed to yank out. It's missing the tighten down ring with the screws! The way it looks now, the other pipes look more practical to pull out than the real one.
  3. Nitpicker's Corner

    I've just spent about an hour and a half playing this game and I can safely say that so far... it's a mixed bag. First, the good news when it comes to observations in this thread. The police hovercraft lights are fixed and are a lot brighter than they were in that video. Now let's talk about the nitpicky stuff! Missing Animation in Backgrounds This is a big nitpick for me because I LOVED the how the backgrounds were animated in the original. Clouds especially. They had a flowing movement to them but still remained the same shape since they couldn't fully animate a whole skyline. That is all but gone in the remastered version. Everything is just a still image. And it's not just the clouds either. The middle section of the Cavefish hideout now lacks the water effects on the far right. I was really hoping the remastered version would fix the visual continuity when the water effects disappeared when the cavefish fly off the road. Sadly, they did the opposite by getting rid of the drops all together. Another missing detail that worked great in the original that's all but missing in the remastered version is the glowing Torch effect from Todd's home in the longshot of Mellonweed. In the original, the grate looking down into his basement is flickering in and out constantly, giving the player a clear indication of where they should go first. In the remastered version, the grate does glow, but it no longer flickers. If you weren't paying attention to that one general area, you could easily miss that visual cue since it's always a constant. The last missing piece that I'm sure a lot of players don't even notice on their playthroughs is the lightning in the cloud visual when Ben approaches the Vultures' hideout for the first time. The big red cloud behind the Vulture's Hideout actually lights up for a couple of frame where the sound of thunder is immediately followed when Ben is standing in front of the minefield. As usual, the lightning is gone in the remastered version but the sound of thunder still occurs. Animated Elements Entering/Exiting Frame This one is a bit more unfortunate because it deals with the limitations the game had at the time. On the remastered version, the screen resolution is expanded to provide more picture and more picture was added to the artwork to fill the screen. The downside is that a lot of non-background elements that enter and exit the screen (Ben riding his bike out, the Police Hovercraft approaching/leaving the gas tower, the gift shop salesman) only appear in the portions they were supposed to appear in the original. It makes these characters look like they're teleporting into the frame rather than entering it. My best guess as to why this is an issue is because they wanted to present the original release of the game in 'real time' and adding more animation to the characters would have thrown those sequences out of sync. Now if the remastered version was it's own stand alone thing that didn't have to depend on switching between old-style and remastered game play, I bet this problem would have been mitigated. Audio Cut Out This happens a LOT in the game. Whenever the game transitions to a black screen, the music will stop. One example occurs after Ben gets his bike fixed and heads out to meet up with his gang. The track 'Born Bad' plays out and doesn't stop until Ben stops in the middle of the road to observe the police hovercrafts on the look out for him. In the remastered version, Born Bad is abruptly cut off when it cuts to the shot of Ben stopping his bike. And this sort of thing happens all the time, especially in sequences when building your way to jumping the gorge. Two-By-Four Glitch After getting the two-by-four and approaching the Cavefish to knock him out, the two-by-four does not show up when Ben switches to it. Instead, Ben is holding the spiked skull instead. Thankfully it still acts like the two-by-four when you hit the Cavefish as he's looking up, but it's odd that this clearly essential visual cue didn't work.
  4. OH! Here's something. Did anyone ever watch that official video of Tim playing Full Throttle? He mentioned during the opening credits how he didn't like the abrupt ending transition to Legacy. The transition occurs at 4:07 in the remastered video. The screeching guitar that opens the last part of the song is absent which leaves only the drums. It's a simple and quick change, but it definitely improves the transition needed to reach the end.
  5. Sadly Ben's cigar disappears in the wide shots that show his face during the credits.
  6. Question. How are the wallpapers handled if I pre-ordered the game on
  7. It's never been my experience with GOG for them to list a title that's cross-platform and not release it on the same day unless otherwise noted. Some titles that had Mac ports in the works started out as Windows only titles on GOG's store and were later updated when the port became available. While that's not really a guarantee, I think the odds are good that we'll be getting the release on both platforms on release.
  8. According to's site, it will run on the Mac. Works on: Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.9.0+) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04)
  9. What Should Change?

    The steak in Todd's fridge could be a little more noticeable.. Like actually being able to see that something is inside the darn thing.
  10. Music

    Most curious. I would expect that kind of request from someone who had lost all the tapes needed to make a remaster possible. One of my wishes for this remastered title was the possibility of having a new soundtrack to coincide with it's release. Not only featuring the songs by the Gone Jackels, but also the instrumental version, tracks from the game, ect. Also, hey everyone! Just joined in after finding out that Double Fine had a forum!