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  1. Brutal Legend Community Group

    Could I get a specific character or just a "Gene simmons type character" I could revamp lionwhyte(about as close as i can) and add a second faction(there are 5 factions actually, not three) but I'm reserving that for a power metal/thrash metal faction(Robots blaring metallica and blind guardian) http://quickandeasysoftware.net/downloads?download=DoubleFineExplorer1.3.4.zip&progname=DoubleFine+Explorer This above is the tool I'm using, and everyone who wants to look into modding will want to take a look into this
  2. Im assuming its still in Now I've also just got the tools and I'm unsure how many dialouges are actually in the game(i.e have parameters) and those that are being unused I plan on trying to compile a list of non used dialouge versus used(or at least a theoretical level, I dont expect a 100% rate here) and then try to put those cut lines back into the game(Which means making parameters) This is a useful exercise to be able to implement dialouge(For new characters/factions) while proving that new code can be added(huge plus) Also I'm reviewing textures and seeing whats what
  3. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Holy shit Thank you very much, if this works you sped up my R&D by light years
  4. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    BuddaDefault is just the start of it all there is .gfx files and stuff but everytime I convert to .swf and try to open it, my program crashes(might be too big?) I've found alot of weird but cool stuff in there(like an Ipad control scheme)
  5. Brutal Legend Community Group

    I'm game if anyone writes down ideas I can implement them into the modding post/ discussion I've got the urge to get back into this, and its nice to have feedback, ideas and even help
  6. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    My account was hacked(my email) during the breach of nexus mod manager a year or so ago I've found a work around but I'm unsure when it will deliver, regardless this is seemingly to function, and I can upload my work and answer any questions/problems within the community
  7. UI Controls?

    I'd wager its possible, I can look into as I'm currently looking at .gfx files and the UI
  8. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    I'm putting it into my Dropbox and will keep updating them/adding more stuff into it as time goes on, Link Find your game(in steam, or wherever it is) and find config and then find Budda, back up this file(if you haven't already, put it in its own folder on the desktop if you want/anywhere you will remember) and then copy paste this into it, it will ask if it will replace it then say yes Boot game, and you will now be able to fly in singleplayer, have 99 load(If I recall, I might have put it at 800 load and the game's UI simply can't handle it) and a few other cool stuff if I recall I deeply encourage that everyone take a wack at it, at worst you make a crash and just have to put your vanilla(unaltered) version of this file back in best case you might add a gameplay feature, post results!
  9. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    So for some reason I can't acess my Domo209 account(So I made this) Before I get started, I want to say is that I'm not modding the game to be some cheat, but rather to regain interest in the series/IP due to a similar nature of Long War and XCOM EW Hopefully my previous account was hacked rather than shadow banned, but who cares, so Tim and friends see this please don't ban me, I'm trying to craft a game in a game here Now, sorry for the late reply people, I've had alot of life stuff going on so I couldn't get on this anywways I didn't use a trainer and simply altering the game files as I can, if you have the PC game you can go into the folders and find a thing called Budda This is the game's core(similar to XCOMgamecore.ini if anyone plays xcom/modded it) and thus it functions as to what can be used, not everything can be used/work or simply crashes the game so copy the files and put them in a folder somewhere, then experiment to see what works, if it fails just copy paste it back and everything will work fine But to answer some questions Flying in singleplayer is a binary equse switch, it functions very similar to mutiplayer albiet a few differences 1. Flight speed is dependant on your progress in gaining tributes and stuff, I.E the flight upgrades 2.It is a bit buggy, as not only can you skip into the further parts of the game you can also go BACKWARDS into places you normally can't go anymore(skull pile anyone?) Also there exists islands that are completely explorable though it doesn't have any AI pathing nor anything on them, still fun to see it(I haven't explored them all) Texture mods 1. Yes, but currently I can't open .gfx files yet(I'ma look for a program to do so) but once I do texture mods should be completely feasable, hell I might even be able to get a mode so you can change the costumes(remember the alt styles in MP? boom they are now costumes in singleplayer for example) Sound/music 1. I should be able to add more music into the game files, though don't quote me on that as I've getting back into modding this(I've had alot of shit happen lately but its back on the board) but I'd love to get a large list of metal music that would fit the game, ideally power metal,thrash,etc because this goes into my next point... Hidden/Strange/Unused stuff There are game files/folders for alot of unused but cool stuff We all knew Lionwhyte was a faction(unplayable) but the game calls for 2 unused factions, if I can get the game to "see" these factions I could argubly implement them, Now thats a stretch but I'm willing to experiment TL;DR this game has alot of potential