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  1. @Anemone I agree! That kind of a unique mechanic certainly adds a lot to the gameplay! I liked the rolling HP meter in Earthbound for example. @AdamBeckett Ohhhh! I haven't played Icewind Dale, But that sounds like something I would do. Every game I have played that lets you pick Bard or Dancer or something, I always pick them. Not so useful in many cases, but I just love them. (Why not! ) @majugi Thanks! Yeah, we noticed that there are many music games this year! I'd be happy to work on any of them! @wot fanar Yes! That was a really fun part in Monkey Island (Sadly, I've never actually played it growing up since most of the LucasArts adventure games didn't get released in Japan. But those were my husband's favorite childhood games, so he fed me with bunch of Let's Plays and I'm pretty familiar with them!) Those are great suggestions! And, I totally agree, I want to keep thinking outside the box to keep the mechanic unique! Thanks!
  2. By the way, sorry for many grammatical errors! I try my best to proofread. But still English isn't my first language and I'm not the best when it comes to writing. So please feel free to tell me if you think what I say makes no sense!
  3. Thanks for checking it out! Personally I'd love to sing into a microphone(I love to sing) , but I'd say the latter for this pitch. I'm imagining something like each button has certain things you equipped. And more like "as long as you are doing something on the beat( jumping, singing, dancing, playing instrument etc.), you are good, but what you do is up to you." rather than "you have to press right button on right moment " type of thing. But I'll be open to suggestions from teams and others on that part as long as it feels good when playing. I'm aiming for something that makes you feel like you are on stage. Hope that makes sense!
  4. Thank you! Thank you, you guys! I know, I totally agree the world needs lots of all that! And for the question. Thank you for asking! That's a good point! Before I say anything, I want to remind these are all "hey, if I'd ever make a videogame, I dream about doing this!" type of things, so don't assume I'm thinking of doing all of these during AF. So, here's a random list of possibilities to give better idea on what's in my head right now. -Since it will be RPG , the story will be major part of it for sure. -Linear or not, it will have a big story arc. And different endings. -Setting: In this universe,no one knows about concept of music or singing (except for Oota and all the evil monsters) The concept of music(and maybe dancing) existed years and years ago, but that's an ancient thing. (So maybe you could open a treasure chest and get pop up like"You've found an ancient music style Hip-Hop!") -Main quest would be to find the source of why world has so many evil singing monsters, and to advance the story. -Side quests would be to help people around the world (kinda like how Zelda side quests are.) -Side quests also restore music and dancing to the world. You will start seeing more people sing and dance as you complete side quests. -I call Oota "She" and she looks like a girl now. But you can pick appearance from few different hair style, cloths, colors. It's gonna be very simple but you can create your own character in a way. As I said, I'm not thinking of doing all that during AF. I'd say (if it happened to get selected) I will focus mainly on creating fun and solid combat game play for the 2 weeks of AF! (And maybe few cutscenes, because I love animating them!) I don't know if I answered your question, but I hope that helps! Let me know if I'm not making sense! (Because I sometimes don't.)
  5. Hello! I'm Miyuki. Above is my AF2017 pitch called "Oota's Songs of Happiness" (And here is a doodle of Oota and her sidekick Mini-Sensei.) I love musicals! I love singing and dancing! I love RPG! You get the idea:D Ask me questions if you have any! Woo! Thank you!
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