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  1. haha thanks hot! still a spicy little cheeto poof I see
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this, but I wanted to share with you guys. So, recently I toured DF beautiful most inspirational office (EVER). I was sharing my story with my boyfriend about how magical and amazing the experience was. Seriously. Sparkles every-freaking-where. Then came time to talk about good ol' Scott C. I showed him my Scott C. comic art book and explained that his doodles blanketed the entire office, basically. I was in awe and loved every doodle. Particularly the ones where he drew a few crew members naked....sounds weird right? Well I tell you it was the most beautiful thing I've ever gazed upon. The pencil strokes glittered and shined and the craftsmanship parted the heavens above---and then I laughed historically. This man...is seriously the greatest, so when I was trying to explain to my boyfriend just how great the little naked people were, he looked to me baffled. Then I said "Ok, it's just easier if I show you" then.... this happened.... he even has little socks! So this is why I put this here....cause it's fan art...of....art???? Scott C. inspired naked boyfriend haha I hope this makes someone out there laugh just as much as I did
  3. This is great!!! I just got the game, I can't wait to check it out and see this character! They did such a great job!
  4. TT__TT I will try and make this!!! Putting it on my calendar and hoping I can save some money since I don't live in San Francisco anymore!
  5. This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!! <3
  6. haha I loved making those little heads, thanks!
  7. Haha! I like that new nick name T-Cakes! Thank you Gabe! I knoooooowww sometimes I can go a little overboard, thank you Levi! hee hee, their little faces Thank you!!!! That you fantastically Paul!!!!! <3
  8. I haven't been able to work on it for a couple days, but I'm working on it today! I'll post some progress and whip it out done but for now.....I need to help out with yardwork haha!
  9. Thanks so much!!!! whenever I get on that chat, I'll make you a little doodle haha
  10. great stuff! I can't see 90 percent of the images though, they are broken
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