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  1. This is actually what we're doing, as it was the shortest path to getting something up and running ASAP. Aaron probably has some ideas on how we might want to do it longer term, but we're sticking to fast and hacky for AF!
  2. I'm in on Sunday to work ahead of the team a bit, so I thought I'd finally get up and active on these here forums! Thanks for the interest and ideas, everybody! It's been a whirlwind first 3 days for AF. The team has been incredibly productive and it's been a super fun, high energy environment. The tech team (Amy, Anna, and Aaron) has been really productive and some of the stuff we've gotten up and running so far: We got Rifts or Vives working for everyone! Hands! You can grab stuff! Physics! You can throw stuff! Some stuff is floppy! Second Screen! We can render out something different for the players who aren't in VR! (This turned out to be kind of hard.) Main Menu & Game Flow! You can load a series of games! Game Rules! The games have "tasks" that can require a time limit and you can succeed or fail at them! All that that sounds a little dry, but it does mean we have the basic infrastructure for making the whole game pretty much in place and (hopefully) the next week can be spent jamming on content. Speaking of content, we also nailed down out basic art style, as seen in this quick reference sheet Emily put together. We're going for bright, rubbery, and simple. Hopefully something that feels bold and playful, so the weird situations we put you in have a bit of levity. After that we've started jamming on a lot of "pilot assets" that we'll eventually edit and revise to unify the whole aesthetic. Things like, say, this floppy hammer Will built (and Tazio flopified): Or this Pickle Miyuki drew! (This pickle also has led us to consider attaching googly eyes to everything that react when you pick them up. We'll see if that happens!) Right now, we're in the middle of implementing a first "real" but simple game we're calling Tennis Hell, where an Angry Tennis God throws random objects at you and you have to hit them with a variety of weird rackets and giant floppy steaks and such. (James is working on scripting & Amy and Aaron are working on gameplay support for this when they aren't debugging physics.) The tennis game was meant to be a pretty straightforward test of our systems and getting the whole thing running, so it might not ship with the prototype. BUT it's starting to get weird and we like it, so maybe it will! (Also, the whole thing should get weirder from here.) We also had a HUGE brainstorm with the whole team and special guest Pen Ward on the first day! We have way, way more ideas than we can use and I'm in today narrowing that list down to only the finest, most absurd ones. We'll pick finalists on Monday, prioritize them, break them into asset lists / feature needs, and start cramming them into the game all next week! What else? We also met with our AWESOME guest star composer Adam Drucker aka Doseone, who you might know from his work on Gang Beasts, Nuclear Throne, Catacomb Kids, etc. etc. He's going to be doing a TON of new compositions for us (which we are very, very thankful for). More on those soon! Phew. That's about it for now! I'll try to answer any questions y'all have and please let me know if you have any especially weird dumb ideas you'd like to suggest! You can also follow me on the twitter (@zakmcc) if you want more up-to-the-minute silly GIFs. Thanks!
  3. I'm here! Thanks to TimeGentleman for pasting in my Twitter updates -- I'm gong to start a thread for more general updates on our status and probably another thread for ideas and suggestions! Thanks for the offer! I have no idea if we'll have time / bandwidth to figure out how to get builds to external folks, but we'll keep it in mind!
  4. The title is definitely meant to be a reference to the fact that AF itself is a bit of an out of control thrill ride (and I haven't done it before). Trust me, we all feel like we have no idea what the hell we're doing in game development on a pretty regular basis.
  5. Oh, this is great reference, thanks! We will def look at (and play) some improve / parlor game type things like this if we end up making this!
  6. That's the idea! I love Keep Talking, but but it gets really high stakes and stressful for casual, party play. I wanted there to be something like it, but closer to the silly, fun vibe of a Jackbox game or WarioWare (and also make a game that has fun with a lot of the basic dislocation / body confusion you get in VR). I also wanted to pitch something that was pretty open-ended and weird, so that the DF team could have a lot of fun with it and let their imaginations run wild, without worrying about hitting a specific vibe or story tone. Should be fun, if we get to make it!
  7. Hey! Zak here! Reid -- We'd probably play around with visualizations for the players outside of VR, but the fun is meant to come from the player in VR having to quickly explain the situation they're in to the folks outside. Players outside of VR then have to use clues their given (displayed on the TV or, if we had time, on a tablet of phone) to help them figure out what to do. It's definitely meant to be engaging for both sides, so we'll probably want to fully reveal the situation to all players at the end of each micro-game. For folks without access to a VR set, my hope is that the game will be as fun to watch as to play, but I totally get it if you want to throw your votes toward something you can play yourself afterwards. Happy to answer any other questions, folks!
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