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  1. It was in the long platform section of the moon. I cannot believe I missed that when I was scouring the map looking for it as it was in plain sight! Thank you so much for the help and thanks to everyone on the team at Double Fine for another awesome game!
  2. Thank you very much for the response. I have the trophy for going in every room so I am confident that I have all of the rooms revealed. I will check out the section of the game that doesn't appear on the map so I will check that long platform section again that you mentioned. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Rodego

    End Boss

    For that third phase, I hopped in the bot that spawns on the right, shot the boss' chest plate for a bit and then use the "headbut" skill to swap into the body of the newly spawned guy on the right. His HP goes down pretty quickly during this phase so my recommendation is to just run in there and blast that soft spot as fast as you can, until your bot's hp starts to dip; swap to a new bot and repeat. There is one more phase after this and the key for that one is to keep your distance by boosting away from him and then boost into him when you HP has regenerated. It's not difficult but you need to be patient because he can wipe your entire HP pool quickly if you let him get on top of you. I hope this helps.
  4. I have completed the game on PS4 (awesome game!) and have the trophy for unlocking the entire map but I am missing a thrust upgrade. I have gone through the entire map again, searching for the missing upgrade but cannot find any that I didn't get (and the map doesn't show an unclaimed it like it did for all the others). My game crashed once right after I collected one of these thrust upgrades so my worry is that this glitched my progress on this. Have anyone else experienced anything like this? Does anyone have a map of the thrust upgrade locations so I can focus my search better? It's completely possible (maybe even probable) I just missed it, but it worries me since the map doesn't show the missing item icon on the map like it did for all of the other upgrades.
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