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  1. Game-breaking bug log

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon!!!!
  2. Game-breaking bug log

    Nergal, are you in the same room I posted pics of above? If so, the game's producer confirmed for me via Twitter that they are working on this fix. In fact, it's fixed totally on PC, but they said the PS4 patch won't come out until some unspecified time this week. It's really annoying. Like why did you agree to be part of PLAY 2016 on Playstation if you're going to prioritize the PC patches first? I feel a little betrayed as a customer and will definitely think twice before purchasing a DF game again at launch. I haven't been able to progress in my game for days now.
  3. Progession/Objective bug?

    Yikes. This is such basic ITTT trigger logic. It's like they didn't playtest this game at all and just rushed it out to be part of the Playstation PLAY 2016 promotion — and yet they still update PC with a patch before PS4. So annoying. I've been unable to progress in the game for days now because of a different gamebreaking bug.
  4. Game-breaking bug log

    Sooo I have posted here, emailed the support address, posted at the separate support forums AND reached out to DF and Adult Swim on Twitter. No responses, no announcement of patch timing, NOTHING. This lack of communication about a product that is now completely unplayable for many of us is unacceptable. How do I request a refund????
  5. Game-breaking bug log

    Let's use this thread to report game-breaking bugs. ONLY gamebreaking bugs please, not just minor bugs. I couldn't find any similar log anywhere and want to help Double Fine hopefully prioritize to fix the game for those of us who are stuck due to a bug and can't progress our game to completion. Note, there may be minor spoilers here because of map location and mission objective discussions. Now for my bug report: Location requires green roomba to enter. It's a powerup room. My roomba blew up as I came in the room. In every other room in the game, the appropriate robot color will come in the door to prevent you from getting stuck if every other bot of the right color gets destroyed. Unfortunately, this isn't happening in this room. I am stuck as just a head with no way out. I've tried reloading my game and all kinds of other creative solutions. But the game saved when I collected the powerup, so I'm stuck in this room until DF fixes this bug. So sad! I'm so close to 100%! Please priortize these types of bugs, DF! Thank you!