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  1. Hey Arizphil, thanks for sharing this. I just turned everything down to the minimum, as you did. I gave it a few goes and it still doesn't work for me. I even turned my device brightness to the minimum – so much so I had to really strain my eyes to see where I was going! My game will still not go past that frame where the chain is about to lower down into the conveyor belt. PS. My iPad Pro was purchased very recently, just 3 weeks ago.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I can confirm trying several times on both the Remastered and Original render modes. I encountered the same issue in both cases.
  3. Has anyone else encountered this? The game freezes when I try to lower the crane chains in Year 3. This happened to me for both the scene with the coral grinders, and the scene with the railing, where Manny is supposed to retrieve the lost ship. I've tried everything – turning off sound, changing the rendering setting from Remastered to Original, approaching the scene from different prior scenes. No matter what I try, the game still freezes, although sometimes the cutscene (that's supposed to happen as I lower the chain) does play for a couple of second before it freezes. So frustrating, I spent about 45 minutes stuck with the bug before I gave up! After getting this far, I really want to finish the game ? (I am running it on iOS 9 on a recently purchased iPad Pro 12.9")
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