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  1. Nintendo Switch?

    Yeah, they already said that stock answer when I tweeted at them about it a month ago: Since the Switch already supports UE4, as you said, I imagine porting it should be relatively easy. The game would just need to be optimized, the controls remapped (and the Switch control scheme looks reasonably standard, so that would probably be not too difficult to figure out), and then it'd be good. And there's probably not anything in a contract stopping them - the game's already multi-platform. I figure they just don't want to say absolutely yes yet, cause, they don't know what's going to happen, but I feel like barring anything really unexpected it's a matter of when rather than if. I could be totally wrong though. I'll be playing the game on my PC regardless, but I would love to have it on the Switch too because... Portable Psychonauts! And just getting the game to more people is always good, but we all know that. It'd be pretty great.
  2. I don't really like watching full Let's Plays of games on YouTube. When I eventually am able to afford to buy the game myself I totally regret it, so usually I refrain from watching entire Let's Plays of a game's story, unless I know I'll never want to actually play the game (FNaF is a good example of this for me). I too understand the logistical issues of making PitRoR for other platforms, but like everyone else, I want to be able to play it without bankrupting myself. I'm sure by the time Psychonauts 2 rolls around I'll actually have money and stuff, so it should all work out fine. And by then, it might be on a platform worth investing in for more than just one game - either by way of them porting it to something else, or PSVR being supported by more games. As it is I'd just be buying PSVR for Psychonauts, and while I'd definitely be crazy enough to do that, the money just isn't there for me. But I'm sure all will turn out just fine, and however I do get the game, it'll all be worth the effort and the wait in the end. to add to the Q&A, is there any chance of the game getting a physical release at any point or will it be only digital?
  3. Heh! - yes. I know you know we know. (Mostly linking to Reddit for any outsiders.) And of course! we can all dream.
  4. I would not be opposed to any of this. Unfortunately they'd probably have to have a whole other crowdfunding campaign for that owing to how much it would cost. It'd basically be making the game all over again.