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  1. With South Park The Stick of Truth finally out after many many delays, I thought now would be a good time to start up a South Park thread. Here you can talk about anything South Park, the games, episodes, movie, Anything! To start the thread off, anyone got any ideas for what could work as a South Park The Stick of Truth DLC. Personally I'd love a superhero based DLC. Maybe following off the ending of the game Where Stan could find the new kid and tell him that they are playing superheroes now and must stop the evil Professor Chaos and his plan to destroy South Park. This would lead into having to make a Superhero costume, and picking a power. Then as usual a whole bunch of weird things happen until it results in all the heroes and villains working together to stop a new threat. As for locations, you can still visit Cartman's human base from the original game but you can now enter his basement where the superhero base is. You can also get new side quests that give you further summons (Come on, no one wants Captain Hindsight to be a summon?) This would be my dream DLC for South Park The Stick of Truth as it would be great to have Kenny and Cartman in their (SPOILER ALERT!) Mysterion and Coon costumes in the party, a superhero version of the game since Stick of Truth's main story was based on the episodes where everyone plays Humans vs Elves (I don't the actual name of the game they play ) and then the other main game they would play usually was Superheroes even having one of the greatest South Park episodes based on them). Also a Imaginationland DLC wouldn't be bad either