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  1. iOS

    We've just submitted a patch that should be out in the next day or two to address this. We've added a battery saver mode accessible in the settings that should cut down on the heat issue. Sorry for the trouble!
  2. What is GNOG?

    Hi everyone, my name is Saleem and I'm one of the devs working on GNOG! We thought we'd start a general thread of what the game is all about since we're one of the next Double Fine Presents games to ship Quick facts: Developed by: KO_OP Published by: Double Fine Platforms: PS4 (with PS VR support), Steam (PC/Mac), iOS Release date: PS4: May 2017, Steam/iOS: TBD Available to preorder NOW on PS4 (with a discount if you're a PS+ member): Preorder here Website: GNOG is a musical & hand crafted 3D puzzle game, about tactile monster heads made up of interactable little bits that you can point, click, grab, poke, spin, and pull to solve puzzles. The game is inspired by things like point and click puzzle games such as Machinarium & Botaniucla, as well as the physical toylike playgrounds of Windosill and Metamorphabet. Watch the Trailer In GNOG each level contains an outside (the face) and an inside (the interior) and puzzles involve you doing a little bit of something on each side. We don't tell you what each puzzle is, it's all part of the process of playing the game and figuring things out. If you have any questions we'll be around answering them, and we'll post more screenshots and WIP as we go along. In the meantime you can also follow the development on twitter here: @koopmode