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  1. Hairless Bear, Dr. Lobato and other unsolved mysteries.

    Thank you! Just fixed it now.
  2. Hairless Bear, Dr. Lobato and other unsolved mysteries.

    You forgot the most obvious reason of Bobby being Loboto's father of them all: they both have one red eye and one green. As strange as the characters look in the game, nobody else has mismatched eyes like that. And *WARNING: SPOILERS FOR RHOMBUS OF RUIN* *end of spoilers* Oh, and their voices. They are both high pitched and squeaky at times. Praying this will be confirmed in Psychonauts 2.
  3. My first Psychonauts Fanfic

    I'm new to making forums on this site, so I am not sure if you are allowed to share fanfics on here? Well anyway, here it is: WARNING: FANFIC CONTAINS MAJOR RHOMBUS OF RUIN SPOILERS! https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12428202/1/Clouded-Beliefs It is my own take on the Loboto being Bobby's father, and I would love to hear fan's thoughts. Keep in mind that it IS my first fanfiction involving this amazing game, and that the author's notes are very important. That is all.
  4. Rhombus of Ruin Community Q&A

    Not sure if this is too late to ask, but will Milla and Sasha share more chemistry together in the game?
  5. Rhombus of Ruin Community Q&A

    Thank you so much for your answers! <3
  6. Rhombus of Ruin Community Q&A

    #1: When Raz puts his goggles on in the game, will the player's view suddenly become red? Since it would be for Raz when he wears them. #2: Besides Raz, Lili, Oleander, Milla, and Sasha, will any other characters from the first game make a return? Also, this isn't a question but a comment: I sincerely hope Loboto makes a return. He was kind of wasted in the first game. I wished we would have seen his mind, use powers on him, and actually confront him. Because you know... Best character.