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    3D Environment Artist professional, programming hobbyist. From Detroit MI, but currently living in the bay area of Northern California. 

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  1. I'll definitely give it a shot. DF is dream company #1 for me. And thank you, @Bidiot Bales. I'm starting up a personal game about playing as a trash can, so I'm sure you'll see more of my stuff around here haha.
  2. Less of a self-promotion, more of a hello! I've been a long-long-long-... time lurker of these forums. Been pretty quiet as I spent time trying to get into game development as a career. Happy to have time to chat it up on here now! Here's my portfolio (for the self-promotiony bit): http://www.dillon3d.com/
  3. Looks beautiful, Geoff! Just curious, do you guys ever use Substance Designer for your workflow? I've tried a couple times to mold that program to make more stylistic decisions, but I end up defaulting to Substance Painter + Zbrush (even for tiling).
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