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  1. The game is dead ?

    I don't understand this sense of entitlement in gamers these days when they think that a game is never "finished" and should just keep getting updates until the end of time. I blame the culture of crowdfunding and early access and kickstarters, where gamers are used to games being in development for 10 years before its "final." And then I blame the culture of downloadable content, which has people feel that a game will have more content added forever and ever after it's "final." Back in my day, a game came out and it was done. I never used to have to install even just patches. I wish we could go back to those days, because it's gotten a little ridiculous. " ... "the team being very much heads down finishing up the game, and the publishing team launching Broken Age and Grim Fandango mobile recently, this is a key reason for the recent quietness on our end! We promise not to shut up for a while now though."... " The way I read that, it looks like the game is about to be finished, and they won't shut up until they've released the final game and announced it. Keyword there is "about to" meaning at the time it was said it probably wasn't done yet. I can assure you, the game is done now. I just finished the final battle. All in all, the game won't take you more than a day or two to finish. Pretty easy, but replayability-wise the game system felt too shallow for me to try my hand at playing through it again. It was okay but in hindsight I probably wouldn't have spent any money buying it.