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  1. I suppose it depends what you like, personally I didn't like the PS3 menu system, and the PS4 isn't much different. The Xbox one is more of a media centre interface, which I am more used too, that all said, once your in the game it's all the same. Truthfully not got a bad word to say about either platform. Take the leap
  2. Honestly I can't even tell the difference, the only difference really is game choice as they both have their own exclusives. As a casual gamer both are perfect to just pick up and play. PC's always used to be my first choice but as I work on one all day it's the last thing I want to look at when I'm home.
  3. Sadly yes, but not regretted it once. Now I've got 100% trophies too I had GF and DOTT because they were released on other platforms
  4. So over the years I have been a bit impulsive (something that my wife will fully attest to) and despite having almost every gaming platform, PS4 and Windows is not in my kit bag. I fell out of love with windows about 5 years ago and truthfully not missed it as my MacBook is still as good as the day that I brought it. Anyway, I've wanted a PS4 for a little while but couldn't quite justify the purchase as I have an Xbox One (which I love) but this game came along and there seemed no light at the end of the tunnel to play it, despite the coming soon to other platforms chat. I am a nostalgia freak.. and this game is in my top 3 all time favourite point and clicks, so I took the plunge and brought a PS4 on the weekend, and I live in hope that my wife will talk to me again sometime in the next year ;-o Well I will say it was 100% worth it, I absolutely love this game and the remastered version is spot on, even with some of the old quirks (bike fights etc..) which is what I love, the same but different. keep doing the good work team ? and thanks for the trip down memory lane
  5. Thanks Cheeseness very insightful indeed. Your work on the DOTT was a very good read. Looking forward to the next platform releases:-)
  6. Now I know that this has already been discussed in other threads in terms of getting the ports over to other platforms, but my question is a bit more along the lines of the technical difficulties of changing platforms. So clearly PC and PS4 must share a similar coding language, but does Mac iOS and Xbox share the same coding language, or what really are the technical barriers?
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